Learn How US Foods Caters to Customers Online!

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Learn How US Foods Caters to Customers Online!

■ The multibillion-dollar distributor, with 350,000 SKUs and more than 250,000 customers, does much of its business through eCommerce thanks to a strategy of catering to how its customers want to buy its products online.

■ Selling online for 20 years, US Foods has built ecommerce into a crucial channel where three-quarters of its more than 250,000 customers go online to order products from its base of 350,000 SKUs.

■ The company’s entry into ecommerce was prompted by major hotel chains, who needed 24/7 access to products ranging from food products and cooking equipment for their restaurants, in-room meal service and on-site convenience stores to hand soap and towels for their hotel guest rooms.

■ Even with its large volume of online orders, however, US Foods is still working to improve and increase the number of ways customers can order through self-service ecommerce to make their jobs easier.

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