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Delivery in SecondsAn app that streamlines your delivery process

Merchandising for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Delivery in Seconds (DIS) Mobile is an easy-to-use application that increases operational efficiency by providing quick delivery routes and tailored solutions to order fulfillment challenges.Empower all members of the delivery chain with the DIS Mobile app, accessible on all smartphones or handheld devices.

Why use Delivery In Seconds?


Any time a customer changes or updates their order, the delivery guys must return to the warehouse to correct the order, even if they’ve already left on their daily routes. That, in turn, lengthens the closing of daily operations, sometimes running into overtime, which negatively impacts my bottom line.


You could invest in hiring more personnel to help with any swells in the workload or delivery software that automates processes for a more efficient work flow.

The Best Solution

Solve all your delivery challenges while improving operational efficiencies with the Delivery in Seconds application. This app integrates key features that helps optimize your delivery service, improve customer satisfaction and increase your bottom line.

Save time and money with the most efficient delivery routes

Reduce bureaucracy and paperwork with our digital software

Key Features

Control your fleet and cargo all from your smart phone or handheld device

Fast on-boarding process to get new employees up and running as soon as possible

Quick Delivery Routes

Real-time route optimization

Stay Updated

Instant notifications right to your mobile device

Automatic Integration

Automatic sync with most used ERP

Comprehensive Information

Updates on credit memos and returns

Print All You Need

Easily print invoices, orders or suggested to a WiFi mobile printer

Optimize Processes

Streamline operations processes for increased efficiency

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Exceed customer expectation with accurate delivery dates and times

Mobile Ready

Track mobile delivery and e-signature captured when received

Track your Data

Easy tracking on lot numbers

Organize Documents

Easy document Management

Fast Response Time

Quick response time to unexpected challenges or updates

Good Investment

Low cost solution to maximize productivity

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