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Warehouse in SecondsAn app that helps lighten the load in warehouse management

Warehouse in Seconds (WIS) Mobile is a powerful warehouse management application that optimizes operational processes while maximizing productivity.Let's review the typical work flow in an average warehouse management operation to better understand the WIS Mobile advantage.


The order in which a list of items is picked up in the warehouse can have a serious impact on productivity. The time it takes to go from one item to the next accumulates and will eventually take a toll on your bottom line.

WIS Solution – delivers efficient routes for item location resulting in increased productivity.


Now that all items have been picked, they must be placed in the correct packaging according to the item content and destination.
Once ready they need to be placed in the correct dock with a corresponding delivery manifest.

WIS Solution – provides accurate item data for quick packaging and dock placement.


At this point, the correct order needs to be placed in the right location, at the right time, to ensure customers receive items within the agreed delivery times.

WIS Solution – monitors orders within the warehouse to meet precise delivery destinations and times.


The aftermath of human error or failings within the warehouse management system during the order fulfillment process are unwanted returns, wasted resources and unsatisfied customers.

WIS Solution – reduces human errors while optimizing processes and customers satisfaction.

Transport physical inventory in multiple location in real time

Expedite truck loading for new orders using barcode scanners

Key Features

User-friendly and tailored to meet your specific inventory warehouse needs

Easy-to-use truck loading module with total weight, load and invoice monitoring

Ensure accurate picking using barcode scanners

Satisfied Customers

Improves product picking efficiency while ensuring accuracy in customer orders

Smart Picking Tool

Single or batch picking options

Good Investment

Low cost solution to maximize productivity

Orders Require Approval

Approval process option for picking new orders and truck loading

Quantity Control

Automated sound for item counted during the picking process and truck loading

Smart Click & Scan

Quick barcode scanning for products, locations and trucks

Built-in Bluetooth

Bluetooth barcode scanning

Better Distribution of Delivery Points

Move inventory between multiple warehouses

Real-time Inventory Count

Easily take physical inventory, updating instantly

Effortless Truck Loading

Easily load trucks with items

Verify Goods Received

Easily verify items received

Internal Communication Platform

Utilize a built-in message system for internal communication

Receiving Process

When a product gets delivered to a warehouse facility it must be verified and logged into the system. Then correctly stored or prepared to ship through to its next location, also known as cross-docking. If an error occurs at this stage, the effects can cause problems down the line.

Layout & Slotting

This aspect of warehouse management truly benefits from data-driven decisions. Choosing where to place each item in a warehouse is a key task, that should be guided by data specific to your circumstances.

Smart Inventory Storage

The process of organizing and storing items lends itself to efficient warehouse management. A series of decisions that yield best results when backed by data.

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