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7 Sales Processes Every Inside Sales

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Inside Sales reps usually spend a lot of their time on tedious tasks like sending emails, calling leads and updating call sheets. However, automating these sales processes can definitely save their time and energy. Today, sales processes can be completely automated- from prospecting to closing deals. This will enable salespeople to focus on the most important aspect-Selling!

Inside sales managers must ensure that the automation tool they use is flexible enough to meet their requirements and improve the productivity of the reps, thereby increasing sales pipeline and boosting revenues. Here are some of the useful tips:

Calling Leads

Dialing the numbers manually takes a big chunk of a salesperson’s time. Using an auto dialer orpredictive dialer can drastically reduce the manual effort of dialing and improve productivity of the sales rep by more than 300%.

Sending and Drafting Emails

Sales reps send a lot of emails to customers, prospects or leads on a daily basis. They can easily reduce their email time to half by using email templates. One can also create personalized messages by using a combination of two or more templates.

Make Smarter Conversations

Using a CRM will help inside sales representatives to manage their leads and accounts effectively. They can have a 360 degree view of their customers and sales pipeline. They can easily refer to all the data and customer’s information such as previous interaction details, sales history. This will enable them to quickly access valuable data and to have a meaningful and personalized conversation with the prospect/customer.

Dialing from Local Number

An auto dialer upgraded with a local dialing system is the best tool a sales rep could ask for. It matches the code of the outbound dialing number to that of the lead. It improves the connect rates, raising the probability of a prospect picking up the phone. This is especially required when you want to reach out your potential customers on a global level.

Diverting Leads to the Right Sales Rep

With the availability of intelligent routing systems, the inbound calls can be automatically routed to the best available sales rep with accurate skill set and knowledge about the product/service that prospect wants to enquire about.

Prioritizing Activities

It is crucial for sales reps to keep a note of the best follow-up times and best suitable messaging approach for each prospect.  But doing this manually takes a lot of their valuable time. Follow-ups can be easily prioritized by using a tool that can prioritize their activities and daily tasks. They will be able to focus on execution and would not waste their precious time on arranging their calls lists throughout the day.

Automating your Proposals

Presenting a structured proposal to a buyer is really an important part in the selling process. Proposal Automation Solutions can definitely improve the experiences of both the customers and the sales reps. Automating a proposal allows the reps to deliver exactly what the prospect is looking for and that too within their specified timelines.