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Google 5 star review testimonials
Google Review

Excellent service and customizing my application was created by expert programmers who were attentive to all the requirements, also have excellent customer service department to take kindly to be aware of our needs from day to day. Thanks Orders In Seconds.

Armando Esquivel
Google 5 star review testimonials
Google Review

Great team, great customer service, and very robust platform. 100% recommended.

Carlo Vassallo
Google 5 star review testimonials
Google Review

I’ve been working with OIS for about 5 years now and they have always taken care of my needs. Whether it’s support over the phone or with the computer they are always there for me. One of the things I appreciate most is they are always available to help my people in the field with any problems that come up.

Ron Clagnaz
Google 5 star review testimonials
Google Review

Christian, excellent work, very friendly and attentive. He is an expert in the app and also dedicated to satisfying the client.

Utah Distributors
EA Berg and Sons Inc logo

“Investing in the iPad technology for our retail and van teams has been by far the best investment I could make to ensure to that my business is well structured for the future.

It has given us and our clients a significant competitive edge in the retail marketplace and will save us so much in time and money.

The new iPad technology has given our client partners real time up to the minute data and information and as well as saved our company tremendous amounts of money in call time in store, while helping us keep track of all our merchandisers.”

OIS Merchandising for CPG Solution

New England Beverage testimonial

“As small business owners, we probably share the problems that face many others particularly when it comes to finding a good computer system for our business.

At the time we launched our company, we sought a good sales and inventory system that was accurate and reliable and, most importantly, affordable and workable in the context of a small business environment.

We wanted a system that would give us the sort of tools, controls and information that is widely available to larger businesses in our modern technological age, but simultaneously would not inundate and tie up a small organization in layers of bureaucracy and red tape.”

Richard Hahn – President

OIS Sales Order Management Solution

Bass Farms testimonial

“I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we at Bass Farms Inc. have enjoyed our partnership with Orders In Seconds.

Your company has truly been an asset to ours…

Initially we attempted to develop our own route distribution software. After many delays and issues we looked for a better solution…with Orders In Seconds we found it. Not only does the system handle our route distribution invoicing needs, it also becomes a backup to store our data offsite.

We currently use onsite backups as well as the OIS servers. With this in place we are covered from any unfortunate data loss. No need for third party backups; with Orders In Seconds it`s built in.”

Brent Edwards – General Manager

OIS Sales Order Management Solution

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