5 Tips for Picking the Right Mobile Solution Company

5 Tips for Picking the Right Mobile Solution Company

For Your Wholesale Distribution Business

In the ever-changing Business to Business (B2B) world of wholesale distribution, supply chain automation can make or break a company’s reputation and bottom line. Whether you’re using in-house sales representatives or external teams who do presale or direct service delivery (DSD), the digital tools and features available to create and fulfill sales orders or lack thereof play a major role in the company’s success and sales.

According to McKinsey & Company, B2Bs that embrace digital solutions generate five times more revenue than others in the B2B field.

This is great news, however, it’s not just about getting on the digital trend bandwagon to increase sales. It’s about picking the right mobile solution for your wholesale business needs that will keep you and your customers happy, ultimately increasing sales.

In this post, I will review 5 tips for picking the right mobile software solutions company for your wholesale distribution business. Let’s go.

1 – Custom Features

It’s important when reviewing different mobile platforms you ask about features that meet your company’s specific needs and if custom features are available. One application, cannot meet the demands of all wholesale businesses, sometimes customization is necessary. 

In addition, having a clear understanding of which features are important to maximizing sales in the field, such as easy sales order taking, custom e-catalog or pricing per customer, access to order history, suggested ordering, GPS tracking and routing when in the field, offline access when no WiFi or internet connection is available to name a few. 

These features will help your reps sell, keeping sales up and customer shelves full. 

2 – User-Friendly Application

Schedule a demo, if offered by the mobile software solution company you are interested in. You can get a good idea about the ins and out of the application but remember to trust your gut and eyes. If the application doesn’t look or feel user-friendly, it probably isn’t. 

Your sales team needs to sell efficiently, with easy-to-use customer and product selection features, eCatalogs and pricing that updates in real-time, or suggested orders that provide sales reps, upselling/cross-selling opportunities etc… 

The user experience should be purposeful and simple to use. So reps can focus on selling instead of wasting time with a confusing app.

3 – Great Customer Service

I can’t stress this tip enough, partnering with a company that values customer service with a live person, not answering machines or emails, is a must. Many times, companies offer quality applications, but even the best apps suffer downtime or have technical issues.

When this happens, you want to make sure you can speak to a live person, who can help with any problems you are experiencing. 

Keep in mind you are not just investing in a mobile solution, you are investing in a business partner, who must support your business as you do.

4 – Seamless Integration

An application’s success will depend on how well it integrates with your company’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system or in-house accounting system. Like dating, your either click or you don’t and move on. 

When scheduling a demo of the application you are interested in, always ask if the digital app can support your current ERP system or accounting system. If the answer is no, you are going to need to move on and find another mobile software solution company to partner with.

5 – Affordable Software Solution

You found the perfect automation app, that will maximize sales, optimize workflows and processes, is user-friendly, and offers good customer service. Great! Now, let’s talk numbers. 

Many “off-the-shelf” applications tend to be very expensive for small to midsize wholesale distribution businesses and usually not customizable. Don’t fret, many software solution companies offer no-obligation pricing quotes, take advantage, and price around. Where small to mid-size wholesale distributors choose to invest their funds impacts their bottom line greatly. Choosing the wrong digital solution can be expensive and make it difficult to manage B2B workflows as well as poor user experience by reps, which can adversely affect sales.

It’s important you take the time to shop around, for an automation application that offers custom features, is user-friendly, connects effortlessly with your ERP/accounting system, is affordable, and you have access to a live person when problems arise. Your investment must help sales reps sell so your business can flourish.

Orders in Seconds (OIS) is a mobile software solution company for wholesales distributors and manufacturers. We provide exceptional customer service, the very best technology to fit your needs at an affordable rate. We understand the challenges faced by B2Bs with the sales order management and automation process and provide effective solutions so your business stays competitive in the ever-changing marketplace. Schedule a free demo today.

Field Sales Manager Software

Next Generation Sales Order Management software helps improve customer service and increase revenue. Service representatives can access real-time, company-wide inventory availability, and the system automatically references a customer’s unique processing options. This occurs while product promotions and other suggested up-selling prompts help the customer service representative expand your average order value. Various order types, multiple inventory sourcing options, and flexible pricing options are accommodated. Sales Order Management is seamlessly integrated with other Next Generation system modules and provides immediate information about customers, products and historical information so that you can enter orders quickly and accurately.

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Tip! – How To Lower Your Company’s Operations Cost?

How To Lower Your Company’s Operations Cost?

OIS Customer Service

Tip! One option is to start outsourcing your customer care & support operations to a Low-Cost Virtual Agent Service

Our Experience

ois_fbp_post_1Back in 2008, we experienced financial challenges; due to the Housing Financial Crash (Also known as the global financial crisis).

Our experience was to close doors for business or to start reducing our company expenses to stay alive.

We started thinking outside the box and we began to brainstorm how we were going to reduce our company’s operations cost to survive the financial crisis.

One option was to use the latest technology and start moving our customer service department to a lower-cost country and still maintain a good quality and trained customer service team.

Our Results Since 2008: We made the best decision!

1) We reduced our company’s expenses to stay alive since it was very expensive for us to have full-time employees in New York (Employee salaries, benefits, taxes, office space, computer, phone, etc).

2) We built our own internal virtual customer service team using the latest technology.

3) We maintained our good quality and trained customer service team.

Lowering our company’s overhead cost was a big part of our goal since it affected our bottom line profits!


Can we help you?

Yes, We Can!

Today, we help our clients with our virtual agent services to help them reduce their overhead expenses for their department’s needs in customer service, phone sales & technical support.

Industries we work with:

  • Wholesale Distributors
  • Manufacturers
  • Retail & eCommerce stores

Why Us? Because…

  • We are committed to Help you Grow!
  • We have the experience & technology
  • We are looking for a long lasting relationship

Our Process is very simple:

1.  Tell us your customer service needs – We will find a qualified virtual agent based on your needs.

2.  Training -The agent will be trained on your product or service.

3.  Production – The agent will start once fully-trained and approved to start.

Other Benefits:

  • Your own dedicated agent for your company
  • You pick the days & hours for the agent to work
  • Our managers will monitor your agent
  • We have bilingual staff (English/Spanish)


To Learn More about our Virtual Agent Services for customer service, phone sales or technical support, please visit:


Extend your ERP Order Management

With the introduction of cloud computing and SaaS, sales apps on mobile devices are increasingly affordable and flexible. Leading mobile sales force automation OIS Solutions offer free trials with no risk or commitment, which means only-gain-zero-pain for you, the wholesaler.

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Reduced Errors by 99%

As small business owners, we probably share the problems that face many others particularly when it comes to finding a good computer system for our business. At the time we launched our company, we sought a good sales and inventory system that was accurate and reliable and, most importantly, affordable and workable in the context of a small business environment.

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