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Questions you need to ask when hiring an IT department

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Outsourcing IT experts

Like we’ve told you in previous articles, we know that IT departments are a growing focus and concern for small and medium businesses. In a study performed in 2013 by the National Small Business Association (NSBA), 40% of small businesses said they handle their IT problems themselves, 32% rely on an in-house IT department, and 24% outsource those services.

With IT taking up a primary residence in our businesses, it becomes increasingly important that you take the appropriate time to hire professionals to handle problems which steal time away from other important tasks that are as vital for your company’s growth. Keep the following questions in mind when you start hiring an IT department:


What do you need?

Think about your business needs, where you’re going and what you will need to keep your business moving forward. Whether it be new applications or more staff, you need to consider not only what your company needs right now but what it will need in the future. Ask your potential hire if they can scale your technology to fit your growing needs.


What resources will you require?

Sometimes, our company’s goals are tied to technology or infrastructure. If you have a plan in mind, research what you might need in the future. This will give you an idea of what your new team might need to get things going. Just be sure not to shop before you hire a team, you want them to help you get the best advice on software or hardware before you spend money on unnecessary resources.


hiring an IT department in small and medium businessesWill you need to train your staff?

If you already have IT services that require maintenance, you need to ask whoever will take over if they’ve used those systems before. Having a qualified expert as opposed to someone you must train should be carefully considered. Sometimes this will come down to a matter of cost.


What is your budget?

Considering the questions above, you’ll need to balance out both experience, capabilities and ability to grow in any future hire. Consider whether it’s more cost effective for you to hire an in-house service or outsource support. On one hand, hiring an in-house service might require bigger investment upfront to supply your tech support needs. Outsourced IT teams could supply what you need for a fixed fee without breaking the bank.

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