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Mastering QuickBooks Online for the Wholesale Distribution Industry – 7 Essential Tools

By <span style="font-weight:bold;color:#F63C47; font-style: italic;">Oscar Guerrero</span>

By Oscar Guerrero

Published December 7, 2023

In this webinar, Oscar Guerrero, Founder of Orders in Seconds (OIS) partnered with Sharon Michalowicz, President of Long Island Bookkeeping Solutions to discuss “Mastering QuickBooks Online for the Wholesale Distribution Industry”.  Sharon gave attendees insight into how QuickBooks Online can specifically cater to the unique needs of the manufacturing and wholesale distribution industry. She demonstrated the essential tools and features that can greatly enhance efficiency for these businesses, ultimately dispelling any concerns about transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.

Additionally, the Q&A section of the webinar addressed frequently asked questions regarding QuickBooks Online.

This exciting webinar will cover:

Webinar Video: Mastering QuickBooks Online for the Wholesale Distribution Industry

In this webinar, Sharon looked into the following tools from QuickBooks Online:

Essential Tool #1 – Time 7:25

QuickBooks Online Payroll Services – How wholesale distributors can save time and be more efficient with payroll automation.

Essential Tool #2 – Time  11:15

Customer Module – Learn how it’s possible to streamline customer data tracking for better management.

Essential Tool  #3 – Time 17:00

Products Module – See how you can effortlessly categorize products for improved inventory administration.

Essential Tool #4 – Time 24:50

Vendors Module – Discover how QuickBooks Online can help with efficient vendor management.

Essential Tool #5 – Time 27:55

Sales Module – Explore how Quickbooks Mobile allows you to handle your business and on-the-go sales teams.

Essential Tool #6 – Time 32:02

Banking Module –  Learn about how you can organize all your banking information in one place for streamlined financial management.

Essential Tool #7 – Time 38:16

Financial Reporting Module – Discover how this module can meet all your reporting needs, keeping your wholesale distribution business running smoothly.

Additionally, Sharon shared how easy it is to get started with Long Island Bookkeeping Solutions- Time 43:18

Audience FAQs – Time 51:56

Additional FAQs from the audience that Sharon answered.

In this webinar, Frank Monterrosa, Orders in Seconds Business Development Manager, gave insights into Orders in Seconds

What’s Orders in Seconds – Time 45:10

Frank explained how Orders in Seconds makes field sales easier for wholesale distributors by automating the order-taking process. He also talked about how OIS smoothly works with QuickBooks Online, giving you an efficient solution for managing orders and accounting all in one place

Orders in Seconds Ecosystem- Time 50:15

Frank gave a broad look at the Orders in Seconds ecosystem, emphasizing their partnerships with top-notch collaborators to offer tailored solutions to OIS customers.

How Can OIS + QuickBooks Online Empower Your Business?

The OIS + QuickBooks partnership is your key to success in wholesale distribution. Our seamless integration helps streamlines your wholesale distribution order processing and accounting, easily syncing your orders, invoices, payments, pricing and inventories, providing a system that increases efficiency and productivity while growing your business.

As a QuickBooks Solution Provider, you can count on the OIS Team for expert guidance in choosing the right QuickBooks solution for your unique business needs. Contact us today.

Schedule a 15-minute chat at your earliest convenience to discuss leveraging the power of Orders in Seconds and QuickBooks Online for your wholesale business.

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More About Sharon Michalowicz

Sharon Michalowicz is the owner and founder of Long Island Bookkeeping Solutions, a company that specializes in professional bookkeeping services. With over 25 years of experience, Sharon excels in managing complex bookkeeping challenges.

As an Advanced Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks, Sharon and her highly skilled team provide tailored bookkeeping solutions to meet the unique needs of small to mid-sized businesses.

Connect with Sharon on LinkedIn

More About Oscar Guerrero

Oscar is a US Navy veteran and a software development consultant with over 25 years of experience in the IT sector, specifically within the financial and food & beverage industries.

He is a graduate of the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) with a B.S in Science & Technology. Using his expertise, Oscar founded Orders in Seconds Inc. (OIS), a company that has been providing cloud-based mobile apps and services to wholesale distributors and manufacturers for over 17 years.

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