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Reduced Errors by 99%

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How New England Beverages LLC Reduced Order Processing Errors by 99%

Office Worker with Mountain of Paperwork

As small business owners, we probably share the problems that face many others particularly when it comes to finding a good computer system for our business. At the time we launched our company, we sought a good sales and inventory system that was accurate and reliable and, most importantly, affordable and workable in the context of a small business environment. We wanted a system that would give us the sort of tools, controls and information that is widely available to larger businesses in our modern technological age, but simultaneously would not inundate and tie up a small organization in layers of bureaucracy and red tape.


Error to be solved …

  • Sales rep time taken up with paperwork – With 15 sales reps taking and submitting orders on paper, the potential for errors and the coordination headache alone is staggering. Managing errors and customer satisfaction issues left the sales reps with little time for building relationships with their B2B customers and doing what they do best – selling!
  • Lack of marketing communication – sales management did not have the tools to effectively communicate promotions and sales offers to reps in the field.
  • Sales distribution management issues – it was becoming increasingly obvious that managing a growing number of distributors with manually produced reports sent by email was to say the least inefficient.

What New England Beverages LLC did…

Implementing a OIS iMobile was the obvious solution, the only question was which one would best fit the requirements of New England Beverages.

We’re proud that after checking out the options, “New England Beverages” selected the OIS iMobile Solution, which they were able to integrate bi-directionally in to their SAP back-end ERP, solving both their marketing and operational issues with one solution.

The Benefits

The ability to process orders quickly and efficiently is critical to the success of any distribution or manufacturing business. Once an order is submitted a warehouse needs to pick, pack and ship products, with inventory being reduced in real time and out of stock items being automatically reordered.  To be as efficient as possible this process needs to be automated with a work order management system. If implemented correctly, an optimized order management process can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

…and specific benefits are:

  • BOOSTField Rep Performance With Our Intuitive Mobile Solution
  • ORDERS Processed Instantly
  • VIEW Customer’s Past Orders
  • REDUCE Errors During Order Taking
  • LESS Personnel Required For Order Taking
  • ELIMINATE Double Or Triple Entries
  • BETTER Control Of Custom Pricing
  • MONITOR Sales Team Performance
  • REPORT time spent in the field via timesheet’s module
  • MAP Customer Locations Easily
  • BARCODE Scanning Via Camera Or Bluetooth Scanner
  • OPTIMIZE Field Efficiency & Effectiveness
  • PRODUCT CATALOG With Inventory, Images, Specials & More

Try OIS Mobile for Sales Process, free now!