Orders In Seconds

Tendencies in eCommerce that you need to keep an eye on

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Retailers online are seeing tremendous growth in their revenue. Some economists predict that eCommerce will see double digit growth until 2020. With that in mind you have to ask yourself: Are you doing everything you can to exploit your online sales?

Let’s start with a trend that has been happening since the start of online sales. Funny this is, it DOESN’T end in an online sale: ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline).

We all know people who cannot buy anything before doing some thorough research beforehand. Such people are actually a growing in numbers, and with good reason. They’ll check online vendors, read product reviews, compare prices of similar items and then finally go to a brick and mortar store to make the final purchase.

This means, that if you use an online sales channel then you need to take this into consideration. You need to make as much information available to your customers as you can. Doing this will place in a position of expertise as well as maximize your opportunity to close a sale, even if it´s offline.

Another significant change in online sales is delivery time. As of 2018 Amazon now offers free same-day or next-day delivery to its millions of Prime subscribers. In some cities they have gone as far as offering delivery in a matter of hours!

This means that if you’re selling online the bar for delivery times and logistics is getting higher and higher. Implementing technological solutions to improve internal processes will be paramount to compete in the online marketplace.

What other new tendencies have you seen in the online sales world? Let us know in the comments.