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5 Great tips to improve sales efficiency

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By Oscar Guerrero

Published July 6, 2016

Sales efficiency refers to the ability of a sales team to generate the desired outcomes (e.g. revenue, customer acquisition, etc.) in an efficient manner, while minimizing time and effort spent on non-revenue generating activities. Improving sales efficiency can lead to increased productivity, higher revenue, and better customer satisfaction. In this introduction, you will learn about the key steps and strategies for improving sales efficiency in your organization. These steps may include defining your sales process, utilizing technology, optimizing your team, focusing on high-value activities, using data and analytics, collaborating with other teams, and measuring and tracking progress. By taking these steps, you can improve the efficiency of your sales process and drive better results for your business.


Sales productivity is one of the biggest challenges for B2B organizations. A big part of this challenge is managing field sales reps so that their time is used efficiently on the right tasks. Sales order management requires administering tasks and objectives to improve processes. Here are 3 helpful tips to help you improve your business’s sales effectiveness and sales efficiency:


3 tips to improve sales efficiency


1. Identify sales processes

Albert Einstein said it best: “we can’t keep doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results each time”. It’s imperative that your team can identify what works or not in your sales process to weed out mistakes. By identifying strengths and weaknesses in your process, you can determine which steps you need to take to improve. Ideally, a quarterly revision of processes and a yearly post mortem of your activities can make a difference on how your team deals with issues.


2. Give your field sales team proper training

There’s plenty of companies out there that don’t have a sales training process set up. Training is an integral part of any business, but training your sales teams has to be a priority. As a matter of fact, continuous training can generate up to 50% higher net sales per agent. However, you need to keep in mind that habits are hard to break, and your sales reps will set aside training often; which is why constant training has to be embraced.


3. Automated order processing

An automated order processing system is no longer just for the big boys. You can take control of your order placement, fulfillment, and invoicing process with a system of your own. Many automated systems are cloud-based and can be implemented with a small monthly per-user fee.

Give your field sales reps the opportunity to sell more by automating your order taking from using manual paper based processes to a digital solution.  This will help you improve your order taking efficiency, increase order size, sell faster and smarter.


4. How to increase sales efficiency?

Improving sales efficiency does not happen overnight. Today, sales teams have an abundance of sales tools at their disposal, which can help them boost efficiency and identify more sales opportunities faster.  The key to increasing sales efficiency is figuring out how to reap the benefits of modern sales techniques and overcome the obstacles inherent in a crowded competitor’s space.  Sales efficiency is not only relevant to generating more sales but also about ensuring consistent growth while streamlining your sales process for faster movement.


5. Optimize activities

After you’ve identified key areas of improvement; reviewed processes; found strengths; and have trained your staff; you need to take action to optimize activities. You can start by aligning sales and marketing efforts, activities, objectives, goals, and even responsibilities. When you’re sure you’ve aligned your team with a clear method of revision and improvement, make sure you also have the right tools to take advantage of your sales and marketing teams full potential.


We hope these 5 great tips to increasing sales efficiency help your marketing and sales teams’ business. If you’d like to know how Orders in Seconds can help your business grow and improve your sales, please take a look at our business solutions for Sales Order Management or B2B eCommerce solution.



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