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Get started, quit talking and INCREASE SALES by using the OIS Pro mobile app for Pre-Sales & Direct Store Delivery (DSD) sales teams.

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The OIS Pro App is an all-in-one sales order management tool for wholesale distributors and manufacturers with on-the-go sales teams. Check out the features below:


Quick access to customer pricing and order history data for successful pricing negotiation.


Eliminate pen and paper and human errors by using an app that updates orders, inventory and customer information in real-time and increase sales.


Management and reps can easily monitor KPIs, store visits, routes and more with metric analytic tools and GPS tracking.

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Place Sales Orders & Accept Payments
reps can quickly create sales orders and accept payments on the spot

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Customer Purchase History
reps can access purchase history for successful price negotiation
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Digital Product Catalog with Stock Inventory
reps easily select products with images, custom pricing per customer and stock levels
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Open & Printable Invoicing
reps can see purchase history and invoicing for each customer
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Barcode Scanning
reps can quickly scan products and place orders
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Route Manager
integrates with Waze, Apple Maps and Google Maps for efficient store visits
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Inventory Warehouse Transfers
reps can easily transfer products to never run out on the road
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Offline Access
reps can create orders and view product catalogs with no WiFi or internet
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End of Day Reporting
management and reps can see daily store visits, orders, invoicing and payments
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Track KPIs & Rep Location
management can see daily store visits, order and track rep locations when selling
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ERP Integration

OIS Pro integrates with QuickBooks, SAP, SAGE, NetSuite and other accounting systems to increase sales

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Customer Service Support in App
reps can access customer support from the app in the field
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