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Why More Businesses Are Turning to B2B eCommerce to Sell More, Faster, and Smarter!

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By Oscar Guerrero

Published May 23, 2023

The rise of eCommerce has been widely discussed in recent years, primarily driven by the pandemic, which forced people to shift towards online shopping. This surge in eCommerce is not limited to businesses selling directly to consumers (B2C) but also extends to businesses selling to other businesses (B2B). Despite B2B businesses initially being slower to embrace digital solutions, they have made significant progress in recent years.

According to a forecast by Forrester, US B2B eCommerce sales reached $1.7 trillion in 2021, and this volume is projected to exceed $2 trillion in 2023 and $3 trillion by 2027. This relentless growth underscores the immense potential for B2B companies embarking on their digital transformation.

As it can be seen, the momentum of eCommerce shows no signs of slowing down. What began as an abrupt and necessary change during the pandemic has now transformed into a necessity to stay competitive. Businesses are recognizing the numerous benefits of eCommerce platforms and leveraging them to thrive in the evolving market landscape.

Let’s explore why B2B eCommerce is experiencing unstoppable growth and why an increasing number of companies are embracing it as their preferred sales channel.


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Why B2B Businesses Are Turning to eCommerce 


24/7 Availability

One of the undeniable advantages of B2B eCommerce is the ability for businesses to operate round the clock. Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar establishments with fixed operating hours, B2B eCommerce platforms never close their virtual doors. This constant availability opens up remarkable sales opportunities that businesses simply can’t afford to ignore.

Imagine this: While your entire staff is sleeping, your B2B eCommerce platform is still working diligently, taking orders and catering to the needs of your customers. Regardless of their time zone or business hours, customers can browse your offerings at their convenience.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software


Simplifying the B2B Sales Process

While the B2B sales process is more complex compared to that of B2C, eCommerce closes the gap between the two by offering a similar seamless buying process. B2B eCommerce platforms excel at enhancing the customer experience by simplifying the often intricate sales process, making it simpler for your B2B customers to place orders.

B2B eCommerce solutions offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface that streamlines the buying process for customers. With an easy-to-navigate B2B online storefront, the B2B ordering process becomes seamless. Customers can quickly find the products they need, access detailed product information, and compare options effortlessly just by using an eCommerce app, for example. 


Expanded Reach and Market Access

Embracing eCommerce empowers B2B businesses to overcome traditional geographical limitations, enabling them to connect with a broader audience and tap into new markets. By leveraging digital platforms, businesses can extend their reach beyond their local boundaries and connect with potential customers on a regional or national scale.

B2B eCommerce allows businesses to target specific regions, cities, or even niche markets that were previously challenging to access. With effective online marketing strategies, search engine optimization (SEO), and targeted advertising, companies can attract the attention of potential customers in their desired markets and take the B2B ordering experience to the next level. This localized approach allows businesses to tailor their offerings and communication to resonate with specific regional preferences and industry needs.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software


Data-Driven Insights

In the world of B2B, having access to comprehensive data is a game-changer. It’s no wonder that eCommerce has become increasingly popular, as it offers businesses the ability to harness data, providing a significant advantage over those who don’t. Just take a moment to consider the impact and competitive edge one can gain by leveraging data-driven insights.

With access to detailed information about customer behavior and consumption patterns, B2B businesses can make informed decisions, tailor their offerings, and adapt their strategies to meet market demands. 

While some businesses may rely on guesswork, those who embrace B2B eCommerce software and tap into its data-driven potential gain a clear advantage. They can uncover valuable insights, identify emerging trends, and pivot their sales strategies accordingly. It’s like having a secret weapon that propels your business ahead of the competition.


Processing High Volumes of Orders with Ease

For many business owners, scaling their operations and managing a higher volume of orders can be a major headache. It often requires investing more resources and time to meet the growing demand. However, with the introduction of eCommerce, the solution becomes remarkably simple.

Ecommerce provides businesses with the ability to process a high number of orders effortlessly. By leveraging automation and streamlined systems offered by eCommerce platforms, businesses can efficiently handle the complexities of order processing. This means no more headaches about managing or processing a large volume of orders. With eCommerce, you can easily scale your business to meet growing demands while optimizing resource utilization. 


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software


Finally, Embracing eCommerce: Catering to Your Valuable B2B Customers

The rapid growth of eCommerce is a direct reflection of the preferences and needs of B2B customers. Put yourself in their shoes, with eCommerce, B2B customers can run their businesses with ease, knowing that the entire ordering process is simplified and accessible at their fingertips. 

Think about it—would you prefer doing business with someone who has the option of eCommerce or someone who doesn’t? Even for those who prefer traditional channels, having the option of eCommerce can be advantageous. It offers flexibility, convenience, and a modern approach to business transactions. By embracing eCommerce and B2B sales apps, businesses demonstrate their commitment to adapt to evolving customer preferences and provide a wider range of choices for their customers.

When businesses prioritize their customers’ needs and invest in user-friendly platforms, it strengthens the customer-business relationship.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software


In Conclusion

As we have explored the reasons behind the rise of B2B eCommerce, it is evident that embracing this digital transformation is crucial to staying relevant and competitive in today’s business landscape. The growing popularity of eCommerce among B2B customers highlights the need for businesses to adapt and provide seamless B2B online ordering experiences. It’s now up to you to embrace this shift and ensure your business stays up-to-date with the evolving needs and preferences of your customers.

If you feel ready to explore your options, you can schedule a free demo with Orders in Seconds to learn more about our OIS eCommerce App for wholesale distributors & manufacturers and how it can help grow your business!

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