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Field Sales Manager Software

By <span style="font-weight:bold;color:#F63C47; font-style: italic;">Oscar Guerrero</span>

By Oscar Guerrero

Published July 4, 2020

Next Generation Sales Order Management software helps improve customer service and increase revenue. Service representatives can access real-time, company-wide inventory availability, and the system automatically references a customer’s unique processing options. This occurs while product promotions and other suggested up-selling prompts help the customer service representative expand your average order value. Various order types, multiple inventory sourcing options, and flexible pricing options are accommodated. Sales Order Management is seamlessly integrated with other Next Generation system modules and provides immediate information about customers, products and historical information so that you can enter orders quickly and accurately.

Credit checks are automatically performed, regardless of how orders enter the Sales Order Management system. If an order is entered online by a customer service representative, the representative is automatically notified of any potential credit problems. Credit managers have full visibility to sales orders that are placed on credit hold, and are provided with up to date customer information to assist in the credit review process when releasing an order from credit hold.

As customer demand enters the Sales Order Management system, inventory is automatically committed and back-orders created for any out of stock situations. The system also provides access to inventory in all company locations, and can split orders among multiple sources of supply, including other branches and vendors.

  • EASILY Create Sales Orders, Invoices, Credit Returns, Payments, Routes
  • PRODUCT Catalog (iPad)
  • PRODUCT Inventory, Specials & Sales
  • PRODUCT Pictures & Info
  • FREQUENTLY Ordered Products Easily Accessed Via Recurring Order Template
  • QUICKLY Access and Track Customer Notes, Information, & More
  • GLOBAL Messages
  • FAST Access to Company Documents, Product Info, Sales Info, & More
  • SUPPORT For Bluetooth Barcode Scanners
  • PRINT Invoices/Orders to Mobile Printers: Zebra iMZ320, WOOSIM WSP-i450, Or Any AirPrint Compatible Printers
  • FAST Capture of GPS Info When Creating New Orders
  • EMAIL Customers New Orders Instantly
  • CENTRALIZED Real-Time Reporting

Field Sales are conducted, precisely, in the field. That’s why Managers need to be able to help lead their teams from one single hub, a field sales management app that unifies information about stock, availability, sales, and an entire host of data that can change from one moment to the next across devices simultaneously.

That is why having a sales order app that connects you to that team, in real-time, gives you a competitive edge. How can OIS’ Field Sales Software help you do that? Holistic management

Having one single field sales management app that lets you manage your team’s tasks and helps you delegate to allow for more efficient time management.  Complete transparency

Quickly check off locations, tasks and team visit goals through real time tracking and detailed logs.

Efficiency checks

Generate reports on visits, goals and tasks accomplished by your team. Derive metrics that will serve as realistic metrics for benchmarks and data-driven improvements. Why is a field sales management app helpful for your business?

Immediate action

Sales can happen in less time than you would expect it. Being late or being the last to come to the table can be crucial in closing a business. An app that helps you improve efficiencies through timely planning for sales rep visits, prompt sync up of inventories and product availability and even on-premises billing, might just help you beat all the competition to the punch.

Improvement on the go

Metrics are one of the most important parts of a sales team. They can help you set objectives and shine light on areas of improvement. With the OIS field sales management software, you can run a full report without having to wait weeks to compile data. The system is not limited to glimpses of current tasks. You can report out daily, weekly, or monthly on activities, so that analysis into your sales or merchandising audits can start almost immediately.

Full Client Check

Some clients are more specific than others. Some need special attention to shipping details while others need credit checks before orders are placed. Using an app to keep track of customer orders will let your Field Sales Team conduct the most fluid transactions with each customer using details from past sales. Also, the field sales software can conduct automatic credit checks for clients while your team takes care of the sale. What else can I expect from OIS’ Field Sales Management App?

Complete Inventory 24/7

The capacity to ensure availability, not just in one warehouse, but every warehouse across multiple locations. You can even integrate different vendors. All these features are available 24/7 for everyone with an internet connection. And, even if connectivity is an issue, the sales order app still functions perfectly without a live internet connection. Grow your Up-Sell

A great example of sales intelligence is when you offer the very best proposal to each client. Using a field sales management app will maximize up-sells because it combines all past interactions with a real-time knowledge of inventory to tailor sales and promotions. These offers should most interest your client and benefit you.

What’s next you ask? Well, that’s entirely up to you. Click below and let’s get a demo set up at your earliest convenience.

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