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Introducing a Sales Order App Your Presales and Direct Store Delivery teams Will Love!

Introducing a Sales Order App Your Presales and Direct Store Delivery teams Will Love!

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Now more than ever, wholesale distributors with presales and direct store delivery (DSD) teams need a mobile sales order app that can keep up with their business. The Covid pandemic has pushed distributors with traditional door-to-door sales teams to digitize countless processes, including how they sell to customers. 

Many sales teams have started using mobile sales orders apps that promise the idea of selling faster with increased order size but when applied in the field, unfortunately fall short.

Oftentimes, outdated apps and glitchy software that takes a million clicks to add a product, is difficult to navigate, is missing customer information, won’t work unless there’s a perfect Wi-Fi connection or is hideous to look at,  turns order taking into a nightmare. 

To solve these challenges, we designed our newest app, the OIS Pro —  an all-in-one sales order management app for wholesale distributors and manufacturers with on-the-go sales teams, including pre-sales and direct store delivery (DSD).

We created an app that is not only aesthetically pleasing for the user, it is easy to navigate and best of all, makes selling a breeze.


Work Smart, Not Hard

Work Smart, Not Hard.

With OIS Pro, you can create and send orders in seconds by selecting your customer, browsing their digital product catalog, creating an order and checking out or providing an open invoice, it’s that easy.

Sales Reps will love the user-friendly design that includes a digital product catalog with a real-time inventory count, trade promotions and discounts, KPIs, detailed customer information, mobile invoice printing at store, open invoicing and payments, barcode scanning integration, route management and so much more. 

OIS Pro also provides sales managers with real-time data regarding field sales performance with end-of-day reporting, tracking daily sales goals, store visits, orders placed and payments received. 


App Features Image

And yes! The OIS Pro app seamlessly integrates with popular ERP and accounting software, including QuickBooks, SAGE, SAP, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics and others.

OIS Pro keeps your presales and DSD teams working smart, not hard. With all these features available right in the palm of their hand.


Introducing a Sales Order App Your Presales and Direct Store Delivery teams Will Love!


Learn More About the OIS Pro Sales Order App.

If your ready to learn what the OIS Pro app can do for your presales or DSD teams, schedule a free no-obligation demo or visit our website to learn more.

If you are an existing OIS customer, schedule a demo to learn more about the OIS Pro app and how it can excel your wholesale distribution business.


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