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Omni-Channel distribution orders

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Businesses without an omni-channel strategy may miss out on bustling revenue streams coming from consumers using tablets and smartphones to purchase or sell products. Brands that find a balance between brick-and-mortar stores, e-commerce shops and mobile audiences will be in a good position to generate sales across the entire organization.

The key to any successful Omni-channel operation is not just the focus on all customers, but also the infrastructure. A Multichannel Merchant report by Peter Zaballos suggested companies are struggling to deliver consistent services to consumers who demand reliable reviews, easy returns, “robust” product data and real-time information for available inventory.


Companies that want to succeed with their omni-channel strategies should focus on their ERP Sales systems. Traditional POS solutions are fine for traditional brick-and-mortar operations, but they are not flexible for online and mobile orders. OIS iMobile is an omni-channel connects all of these moving parts to establish a unified infrastructure, allowing brands to track real-time information across the entire organization.
This capability makes it easier for companies to not only deliver consistent experiences through all channels, but to also use data for customer service purposes. If employees can view sales activity without limitations, they can offer special promotions to consumers who prefer one way of purchasing items over another, delivering these deals to customers’ email addresses, tablets or smartphones. Orders in Seconds has the answer to every need of your business.


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