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Stop Inventory Stress: Simple Strategies to Streamline Your Wholesale Distribution

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Published May 28, 2024

In this webinar, Frank Monterrosa, Business Development Manager at Orders in Seconds (OIS), and Pauline Shiu, Vice President of Marketing at Finale Inventory, teamed up to address a common challenge in wholesale distribution: inventory management. 

This webinar, titled “Stop Inventory Stress: Simple Strategies to Streamline Your Wholesale Distribution, ” focused on simple solutions to tackle common issues related to inventory. Pauline explained the benefits of implementing an inventory management solution like Finale Inventory and how it can simplify operations and bring valuable advantages to their wholesale distribution business.

Moreover, the webinar included a dedicated Q&A session where attendees had the opportunity to ask questions and gain further clarity on integrating Finale Inventory into their distribution processes.

This insightful webinar covered: 

Webinar Video: Simple Strategies to Streamline Your Wholesale Distribution

In this webinar, Pauline answered the following questions related to inventory challenges wholesale distributors face: 

Question #1Time: 6:12

Stock levels can be a mystery. How can wholesale distributors manage their inventory effectively to avoid overselling?

Question #2Time: 9:12

What strategies can wholesalers employ to enhance productivity, accountability, and reliability, especially when managing their inventory?

Question #3Time 13:30

How should wholesale distributors manage stock across multiple warehouses?

Question #4Time 15:30

How can businesses use inventory management software to track perishable or electronics products effectively?

Question #5Time 18:58

How does Finale Inventory enable the selling of different units of measurement, such as units, cases, and boxes?

Question #6Time 22:58

How can distributors effectively manage the financial aspects of inventory, including variance, valuation, cost of goods, and more?

Frank gave insights into Orders in Seconds and its Ecosystem

What Is Orders in Seconds Time 30:15

Frank detailed how Orders in Seconds simplifies field sales for wholesale distributors by automating the order-taking process. Additionally, he highlighted the compatibility of OIS with Finale Inventory, offering an integrated solution for managing orders and inventory seamlessly.

Orders in Seconds Ecosystem Time: 31:30

Frank provided a big-picture view of the Orders in Seconds ecosystem, highlighting their partnerships with top companies to offer custom solutions to OIS customers.

How Can OIS and Finale Inventory Empower Your Wholesale Distribution Business?

For wholesale distributors, effective order and inventory management are key to success. Orders in Seconds (OIS) offers a streamlined solution for order-taking, enabling sales representatives to quickly and accurately process orders using mobile devices. With OIS, eliminate manual errors and streamline your sales process for improved efficiency.

Meanwhile, Finale Inventory stands ready to bolster your warehouse operations. Offering automated inventory management or a Warehouse Management System, Finale synchronizes seamlessly across sales channels and integrations, mitigating overselling and stock errors.

Together, Orders in Seconds and Finale Inventory offer a powerful toolkit to empower your wholesale distribution business. Simplify your order-taking process with OIS and optimize your inventory management with Finale Inventory for enhanced efficiency and profitability

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More About the Speakers

About Pauline Shiu

Pauline Shiu leads marketing initiatives as VP of Marketing at Finale Inventory. Driven by a desire to help other business owners excel at theirs, Pauline does so through knowledge share and collaboration. 

With nearly twenty years in the digital marketing, SaaS, and eCommerce industries, she has proudly created innovative, best-in-class experiences, mentored teams, learning a lot along the way.

Connect with Pauline on LinkedIn

About Frank Monterrosa

Frank Monterrosa, seasoned in the customer service and sales industry, excels in optimizing field sales efficiency for B2B Wholesale Distributors & CPG Brands at half the cost. 

As Business Development Manager at OIS, he leads B2B sales efforts, overseeing teams across the USA and Latin America. Known for his creativity and dedication, Frank prioritizes understanding clients’ needs, ensuring tailored solutions that prioritize their business goals.

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