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Electronic forms: Best 7 Tips to convert paper forms for wholesale distributors

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By Oscar Guerrero

Published May 16, 2023

In this Q&A webinar, Orders in Seconds (OIS) partnered with Kendall Kunz, the CEO and founder of Forms On Fire, the #1 solution for mobile forms automation.

Oscar Guerrero, OIS Founder, and Kendall Kunz, CEO and founder of Forms On Fire discussed “Say Goodbye to Manual Paperwork: Convert Paper Forms into Electronic Forms”. In the webinar, Kendall gave attendees insight on a new way to create greater efficiency in their wholesale or manufacturing business by digitizing their manual paperwork including:

Physical inventory forms

Inventory transfer forms

Truck loading forms

Payment reconciliation forms

Food and health inspection audit form/checklists

OSHA safety forms

Fire department audit forms

Equipment inspection forms

Truck inspection forms

Daily manufacturing product count forms

And many more…

Additionally, the Q&A section of the webinar addressed many of the frequently asked questions that arise when switching from paper forms to electronic forms for wholesale distributors.


In this webinar recording, you’ll discover:

– The perfect fit between Orders in Seconds and Forms On Fire, and how our partnership can benefit your wholesale distribution or manufacturing business.

– The benefits and return on investments when you turn all your paper forms into electronic forms using a mobile app.

– How Forms On Fire makes tracking physical inventory easy, saving you time and money.

– How Orders in Seconds, Forms On Fire, and QuickBooks integrate and how it can help grow your inventory business

– A Q&A session.


Webinar Video: Say Goodbye to Manual Paperwork: Convert Paper Forms into Electronic Forms



In this webinar, Kendall answered the following FAQs:


Question 1 – Time 10:38

What is the benefit of switching paper forms to electronic forms?


Question 2 – Time 14:01

How much can I save by implementing electronic forms?


Question 3 – Time 17:42

Can I use electronic forms on mobile devices (tablet or mobile phone)?


Question 4 – Time 20:30

I am a food manufacturer and use food and safety inspection forms. What are other types of electronic forms available?


Question 5 – Time 28:04

How much would my productivity improve with electronic forms?


Question 6 – Time 30:00

What are some forms that integrate with Quickbooks Online?


Question 7 – Time 39:36

How would QuickBooks Inventory level be updated using Forms On Fire?


Question 8 – Time 43:08

How easy is it to get started with Forms On Fire?


Audience FAQs – Time 49:52

Additional FAQs from the audience that Kendall answered.


In this webinar, Oscar discussed Orders in Seconds and its different integrations, highlighting how they support B2B organizations:


What is Orders in Seconds? – Time 45:15

Oscar explained how Orders in Seconds works, and how it can help businesses simplify their order-taking processes.


OIS Integrations – Time 46:35

Oscar shared a summary of QuickBooks, Forms On Fire and Orders in Seconds and how they work together to boost efficiency.


Orders in Seconds Ecosystem – Time 47:58

Oscar covered the various solutions that are part of the Orders In Seconds ecosystem.


More About Kendall

Kendall Kunz, the Founder and CEO of Forms On Fire, describes himself as a Seattle transplant building the Internet’s answer to the Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. (from ‘The Office’).

He is a 5x founder & business nerd with more than 30 years of experience in technology, sales and automation.

Having held leadership positions across industries, now he runs Forms On Fire — the #1 solution for mobile forms automation.

Forms On Fire gives companies their own custom apps, with no-coding required. That gets rid of inefficient, manual processes, speeds up processes, and collects important business data.

Connect with Kendall on LinkedIn:



More Information About Forms On Fire

Forms On Fire is a comprehensive mobile forms automation solution that revolutionizes data collection processes. By replacing traditional paper forms with customizable electronic forms, businesses can streamline their operations and improve efficiency.

With a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, Forms On Fire allows users to easily create dynamic forms tailored to their specific needs, incorporating various input fields, conditional logic, and data validation rules.

One of the key features of Forms On Fire is its offline capabilities, enabling users to collect data even in areas with limited or no internet connectivity. The data is automatically synced to the cloud-based platform once the device is back online, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

By utilizing Forms On Fire, organizations can eliminate time-consuming manual processes, reduce paperwork, enhance accuracy, and improve overall efficiency. The solution caters to a wide range of industries and use cases, including field services, inspections, surveys, audits, and more.



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