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Dealing with the Challenges Faced by Modern-Day Sales Representatives!

OIS Mobile iPad App for Field Sales Reps

Dealing with the Challenges Faced by Modern-Day Sales Representatives!

The 21st century sales representative works in an entirely different world to that of even 20 years ago. Gone are the days when you went to visit a potential client, took the order and headed back to the main office, all in good time! Today, the key lies in responding to leads in double-quick time, getting the go ahead as soon as you can, and getting that order back to the team at the office almost in an instant – and quicker if possible! The world of commerce and industry is very much time-driven now, so any tool that can help the rep out in the field is always going to be welcome.

Is there such a tool? There is, and it’s been developed by us to streamline and simplify the sales and ordering process, by using the very latest technology and solutions. Orders In Seconds – or OIS Mobile as we like to call it – is a cloud-based sales management app that will help make your life on the road far easier, as well as that of the team back at the office. Furthermore, it gives the client added reassurance that their order will be dealt with as quickly, efficiently and accurately as possible. How does it work, and what can OIS Mobile do for you?

The Benefits of OIS Mobile

First and foremost, as we mentioned above OIS Mobile is a cloud-based platform; this means it does not take up valuable space on your servers. We have designed it to create a communications portal that is delivered on a handheld device – your smartphone or tablet – and that is very easy to use. OIS Mobile can handle everything from in-store calls to sales order and pre-order processing, all remotely, and then communicates with OIS Central, which is the web-based central system that is back at the office. Information is delivered cleanly and instantly, allowing for immediate processing.


Not only can you get the order details back to base there and then, but if you wish it can be done in front of the client in real time. OIS can also interface with popular accounting systems – think major brands such as Sage, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and more – giving you added versatility, and in the process streamlining the order processing system to even greater degree. Available for iPhone and iPad, as well as for Android devices, OIS Mobile is the sales processing app you need if you want to operate the smoothest possible system.

With metric analysis tools, GPS tracking, customer order history and many other features not always found on apps of this kind, we are confident that OIS Mobile will appeal to you no matter the type or size of business you operate.


If OIS Mobile is of interest to you, why not fill in your details at the website, and we will happily arrange for you to be presented with a demonstration of the capabilities of the OIS package – and we’re confident you’ll be impressed!

Learn more about our B2B eCommerce Platform for Wholesalers!

OIS eCommerce App and Web Store
OIS eCommerce Solution

Track Orders and Keep Customers Happy!

■ Create custom pricing, percentage discounts and volume pricing for customers or groups.

■ Allow customers to purchase, track and reorder products.

■ Integrate your eCommerce platform with your accounting system (SAP, SAGE, Quickbooks and others)

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