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Mastering Field Sales Route and Planning In 2023 with Steve Benson


In this Q&A webinar, Orders in Seconds (OIS) partnered with Steve Benson, the CEO and founder of Badger Maps, the #1 App in the App Store for route planning for outside and field salespeople.

Oscar Guerrero, OIS Founder, and Steve Benson, CEO and founder of Badger Maps discussed “Mastering Field Sales Route Planning In 2023”. Additionally, the Q&A section addressed many of the frequently asked questions when implementing a route sales software tool in your B2B business. 



In  This Webinar, You’ll Discover:

– More about route planning and how it helps sales managers or business owners increase their visibility of what’s going on in the field.

– How to best optimize sales routes per rep to reduce drive time, increase store visits and mobile sales using a route planner app.

– Learn how a route sales software can make your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) better for reps.

– A Q&A session.


Webinar Video: Mastering Field Sales Route Planning In 2023


In this webinar, Steve Answered the Following Questions:


Question 1 – Time 8:05

I have 500 customers to visit and 3 field sales reps, how do I best optimize my sales routes for each of the sales reps?


Question 2 – Time 12:33

How can sales reps reduce their driving time to visit more stores?


Question 3 – Time 17:04

What is the difference between just using Google Maps vs. a solution like Badger Mapping?


Question 4 – Time 22:02

Sales managers or business owners spend “x” number of hours planning routes manually, how can I save time doing this task?


Question 5 – Time 25:18

How can I increase my sales with a route planner solution like Badger Mapping?


Question 6 – Time 31:10

Any advice on best practices on how to do prospecting in the field for new customers?


Question 7 – Time 35:49

How do you make the CRM better for reps?


Question 8 – Time 38:22

How does sales planning help sales managers better understand what’s going on in the field?


How can Steve help your sales team through Badger Maps – Time 41:17


Audience Q&A – Time 47:46

Additional questions from the audience that Steve answered.


In this webinar, Oscar Shared the Latest Updates at OIS:


What’s new at Orders in Seconds – Time 44:05

Oscar provides valuable insights into how OIS Pro App for sales reps can complement Badger Maps’ features, optimizing the sales process for wholesale distributors while saving time and money. Oscar also shares details on OIS’s latest launch, the OIS eCommerce App, its features and many benefits. 


More From The Guest

Steve Benson is the CEO and founder of Badger Maps as well as the CEO of Badger Sales University and the president of the Sales Hall of Fame. After receiving his MBA from Stanford, Steve joined Google. There, he became Google enterprise’s top sales executive globally in 2009.

In 2012 he founded Badger Maps, a San Francisco based software company that enables field sales teams to be more efficient and manage their territory by combining Google Maps, data from their CRM, route optimization, schedule planning, and lead generation. 



Check out his podcast here:



Connect with him on Linkedin:



Sales order management software for Sales Managers and Business Owners:


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More Information About Badger Mapping

Badger mapping is a sales mapping software designed for field sales representatives, sales teams, and sales managers. It helps sales reps plan their routes, optimize their schedules, and improve their productivity by providing them with real-time information on the locations of their customers and prospects.

The software integrates with CRM systems, allowing users to view their customer data, schedule appointments, and track their progress on the road. It also includes features like territory management, lead generation, and sales reporting, making it a comprehensive sales tool for businesses of all sizes.