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5 Essential Mobile Sales Tools That Can Help Small B2B Businesses Expand

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Published May 16, 2023

Sales success extends beyond the quality of a product or service, especially for small wholesale distributors, manufacturers and CPG (consumer packaged goods) enterprises. In this industry, the behind-the-scenes sales process plays a critical role in determining success, considering the financial and logistical demands involved. Thankfully, the availability of numerous mobile sales tools and solutions provides opportunities for improvement.

In recent years, the technology market has witnessed a surge in computerized solutions designed to streamline sales processes for professionals and businesses. The goal of sales software and sales apps is to simplify operations from top to bottom, addressing common challenges along the way. However, with such a wide range of options, it can be overwhelming to identify the right fit for your business.

That’s why it’s important to explore the available choices, understand their potential benefits, and make informed decisions that pave the way for expanding your B2B enterprise.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software

What Are Mobile Sales Tools?

Mobile sales tools refer to applications or software designed to facilitate sales activities on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. These tools empower sales representatives to perform their tasks efficiently from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience. Mobile sales apps and tools typically offer a range of features and functionalities that streamline sales processes, enhance customer interactions, and enable data-driven decision-making.

They serve as a comprehensive solution to manage various aspects of the sales cycle, including: lead generation and management, order taking, customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, and more.


Mobile Sales Solution That You Should Include in Your B2B Businesses Processes

Order Management Software

An order management system is a software solution that simplifies the process of taking and processing orders for field sales representatives. It centralizes order information, automates workflows, and reduces errors, ensuring smooth order fulfillment.

For example, the OIS Pro App from Orders in Seconds offers a comprehensive order management solution. It allows DSD and outside sales reps to take orders directly from their own mobile apps and devices, place orders, create invoices, and seamlessly sync data with back-end systems.

With a DSD software for distributors like OIS Pro App B2B companies can:

  •     Streamline workflows by automating order processing, saving time and allowing sales teams to focus on building relationships.
  •     Enhance efficiency by providing real-time access to product catalogs, pricing, and inventory information.
  •     Enable faster order fulfillment by instantly transmitting orders and by providing mobile invoicing and printing options reducing delays and improving customer satisfaction.
  •     Gain insights and reporting capabilities to track sales performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions for refining sales strategies.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software

Route Planning and Optimization Software

This type of DSD route sales software helps B2B sales field representatives plan sales visits and optimize routes for maximum efficiency. It takes into account factors such as location, traffic, and customer preferences to create optimal routes.

For example, Badger Maps, a popular mobile sales tool, allows sales teams to save time, reduce travel costs, and increase productivity by providing optimized routes and efficient sales territory management.

Route planning and optimization software allows to:

  • Plan efficient sales routes: This DSD route software generates optimized routes based on multiple factors, including customer locations, traffic conditions, and visit duration, allowing sales representatives to minimize travel time and maximize the number of visits in a day.
  • Reduce travel costs: By optimizing routes, businesses can minimize fuel expenses and vehicle wear and tear, resulting in cost savings for the company.
  • Maximize sales opportunities: By efficiently covering a larger number of customers within a given time frame, B2B businesses and CPG brands can maximize their sales opportunities and reach a broader customer base.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software

eCommerce Platform

An eCommerce platform provides CPG brands and B2B Businesses with an online presence, allowing customers to browse and place orders conveniently. It offers features such as product catalogs, secure payment options, and order tracking.

For instance, the OIS eCommerce App is a powerful eCommerce platform that empowers businesses to expand their reach, tap into the online market, and increase sales by offering a seamless buying experience.

With an OIS eCommerce App, companies can:

  •     Showcase and organize their product catalogs, making it easy for B2B customers to browse and find the products they need.
  •     Offer personalized pricing and discounts based on customer segments or order quantities, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat purchases.
  •     Streamline the order fulfillment process by integrating with inventory management systems, ensuring accurate stock availability and timely delivery.
  •     Drive sales growth by enabling businesses to sell 24/7, expanding their reach beyond traditional business hours and time zones.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software


Mobile Sales App

CRM Mobile Sales App

 A CRM mobile app enables B2B businesses to manage customer information, track leads and opportunities, and collaborate with team members. It provides features like contact management, lead tracking, sales pipeline visualization, and communication tools.

For example, HubSpot’s mobile app, streamlines sales processes, improves customer relationships, and enhances overall sales performance through effective customer management and engagement.

With a CRM mobile app, B2B businesses can:

  •     Centralize customer information allowing sales representatives to access and update customer data on the go.
  •     Track leads and opportunities, enabling sales teams to efficiently manage and nurture potential sales opportunities.
  •     Improve sales productivity by automating repetitive tasks, such as data entry and follow-ups.
  •     Enable seamless integration with other systems, such as ERP, email clients and marketing platforms.


Orders In Seconds | B2B Order Management Software


The Importance of a Mobile Sales App

A mobile sales app has become an indispensable tool for businesses looking to boost sales effectiveness and drive growth. A mobile solution app provides sales representatives with instant access to critical information, such as product details, pricing, inventory availability, and customer history. This accessibility allows sales teams to quickly respond to customer inquiries, showcase products effectively, and close deals on the spot.

The app’s ability to capture leads, manage contacts, and sync data with the CRM system enhances the accuracy and efficiency of sales operations. Additionally, a mobile sales app often includes features like order processing, quote generation, and real-time sales reporting, enabling sales representatives to complete transactions seamlessly and stay on top of their sales targets.

By equipping sales teams with a mobile sales app, businesses empower their representatives to be more productive, customer-focused, and responsive while enhancing overall sales performance.


Sales Enablement Software

This mobile sales solution is a powerful solution designed to equip B2B sales teams with the tools and resources they need to engage prospects effectively, close deals, and drive revenue growth. This sales app provides sales management with a range of features and capabilities to enhance sales processes and empower sales representatives to achieve success.

For example, Veloxy is a sales enablement software that offers a comprehensive platform for sales engagement, enablement, productivity, and salesforce adoption. It delivers key sales capabilities, helping B2B companies close more deals and generate more leads.

With this mobile sales tool it’s possible to

  •     Streamline Content Management: Easily organize and manage sales collateral, presentations, and marketing materials within a centralized platform.
  •     Track Email Engagement and Notifications: Gain valuable insights into prospect behavior by tracking email interactions, such as opens, clicks, and replies.
  •     Enhance Sales Training and Onboarding: Provide comprehensive sales training modules, onboarding resources, and coaching capabilities to equip sales teams with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their roles.
  •     Generate Analytics and Reporting: Generate detailed analytics and reports on sales performance, allowing sales managers to identify trends, measure sales team’ productivity, and make data-driven decisions.


Empowering Sales on the Go: The Mobile Sales Tool Advantage

In the age of digital transformation, mobile sales tools have emerged as indispensable assets for sales teams. These innovative applications empower sales professionals by equipping them with a suite of features and functionalities that enhance their efficiency, productivity, and overall effectiveness. With a mobile sales tool, sales representatives can access real-time customer and product information on their smartphones or tablets, enabling them to make informed decisions and provide personalized recommendations on the spot. These tools often integrate seamlessly with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, allowing for seamless data synchronization and enabling sales teams to manage leads, track opportunities, and update records on the go.

Additionally, mobile sales tools offer robust analytics and reporting capabilities, enabling sales managers to monitor performance, identify trends, and optimize strategies. With the convenience and flexibility of a mobile sales tool, sales teams can maximize their productivity, close deals faster, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, ultimately driving revenue growth and staying ahead of the competition.



In Conclusion

The availability of various sales solutions such as DSD software, CRM tools, eCommerce platforms, etc. has opened up a world of possibilities for businesses to streamline their sales processes, enhance productivity, and drive revenue growth.

The sales mobile tools are out there, waiting to empower your B2B CPG brand and drive success. It’s up to you to proactively explore, research, and select the solutions that align with your business requirements. By leveraging the right mobile sales tools, you can improve efficiency, and unlock new opportunities for growth in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you’re ready to explore your options for an eCommerce platform or an order taking solution for your B2B business, schedule a FREE demo with us today!

Empowering Sales on the Go: The Impact of Mobile Sales Tools

In the realm of modern business, a mobile sales tool has become an indispensable asset for sales professionals. This technology equips sales teams with the capability to access crucial information, generate quotes, and complete transactions directly from their mobile devices. With real-time data at their fingertips, sales representatives can provide accurate product information, respond promptly to customer inquiries, and tailor their pitches to individual needs.

The integration of mobile sales tools with customer relationship management (CRM) systems enhances collaboration and ensures that sales activities are seamlessly tracked. Additionally, these tools often incorporate analytics, helping sales teams gain insights into trends, opportunities, and performance metrics. As the business landscape evolves, the convenience and versatility of mobile sales tools position them as catalysts for efficient sales processes and improved customer experiences.

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