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Webinar: Time to Scale Up Your Wholesale Business with OIS + QuickBooks

This webinar was hosted by Orders in Seconds (OIS) and Jamie Delveccio from Intuit Quickbooks on the topic:

“Time to Scale Up Your Wholesale Business with OIS + Quickbooks”

Scaling a small or midsize wholesale business is a difficult process that requires careful planning and execution. One of the biggest challenges businesses face is the need to manage an ever-increasing number of orders as their customer base grows. Manual sales order processing can quickly become overwhelming, resulting in errors, delays, and dissatisfied customers. Additionally, inefficient inventory management systems can lead to stockouts, overstocks, and inaccurate stock counts, making it difficult to fulfill orders on time and meet customer demand.

Moreover, outdated technology can hinder a business’s ability to operate efficiently and cost-effectively. Without modern tools and software, businesses may struggle to keep up with their competitors, who are leveraging the latest advancements in technology to streamline their operations and improve customer service.

In this sense, it becomes mandatory to adopt smart solutions that can help your business thrive. This is why OIS + QuickBooks have joined forces to offer an all-on-one order management and accounting solution for small and midsize wholesale businesses looking to scale. 

Maximize Your Business Success with Smart Solutions! OIS + QuickBooks have teamed up to deliver an all-inclusive order management and accounting solution. Ideal for small and midsize wholesale businesses seeking to skyrocket their growth and leave the competition behind.


OIS + QuickBooks

In today’s cut-throat business environment, surviving is not enough. To dominate the competition, it is imperative to embrace ingenious solutions that can empower your business to flourish. That’s why OIS + QuickBooks have synergized to present a comprehensive order management and accounting solution for small and midsize wholesale businesses eager to skyrocket their growth.

In this webinar, you’ll discover what this partnership means for your business and how it can help you overcome the common challenges that come with expanding your business. 

The speakers in the webinar are Jamie Delveccio, Intuit Quickbooks Senior Partner Manager and Oscar Guerrero, Orders in Seconds Founder.

Here is more information about the speakers:

Jamie Delveccio has been with Intuit for 17 years, and has worked across multiple sales channels to drive QuickBooks awareness, partnerships and profitability for the small-mid market and for Intuit’s strategic partnerships in that time.Jamie directly supports OIS in our partnership with Intuit, and works with our team to integrate QuickBooks into our products and services for our valued customers. 

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jamiedelveccio/


Oscar Guerrero has 20+ experience in the information technology (IT) sector within the financial and food & beverage industries. He worked with Citigroup and Merrill Lynch as a software development consultant, building and testing web-based global enterprise applications from the ground up. 

Oscar is a proud U.S Navy Veteran, specializing in database systems and New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) graduate with a B.S in Science & Technology. He took the knowledge and experience he gained throughout the years and built his company, Orders in Seconds Inc. (OIS). 

As president of OIS for more than 15 years, Oscar and his dream team have been empowering Business-to-Business (B2B) with cloud-based mobile applications and services.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/oscarguerrero-ois/


Webinar Video: Time to Scale Up Your Wholesale Business with OIS + Quickbooks


In this webinar, Oscar and Jamie addressed the following topics:

Topic 1 – Time 3:55

Challenges for scaling your small or midsize distribution business. 


Topic 2 – Time 9:04

What does it mean that OIS joined Quickbooks Solution Provider Program?


 Topic 3 – Time 11:20

Who is Orders in Seconds and how it can help your business? 


 Topic 4 – Time 14:30

Who is Quickbooks Online and how can it help your business? 


 Topic 5 – Time 23:04

How the OIS + Quickbooks benefit wholesale distributors 


Topic 6 – Time 34:44

How does the data flow between OIS and Quickbooks?


 Topic 7 – Time 36:10

Orders in Seconds Ecosystem 


Audience FAQs – Time 40:20

Additional FAQs from the audience that Oscar and Jaime answered.


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