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5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Team's Productivity and Sales with a Mobile App

5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Team’s Productivity and Sales with a Mobile App

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By Oscar Guerrero

Published June 30, 2021

In the business-to-business (B2B) space, as the world recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic, wholesale distributors and manufacturers continue to look for ways to improve performance and sales by using methods such as, sales coaching or mobile apps. As B2B sales suffered greatly within the past year.

Sales managers are faced with the challenge of keeping revenue figures up, managing customers and motivating their sales people to produce quality results. A task which becomes increasingly difficult when using out-of-date selling practices or tools that hinder the sales process and waste time.

Luckily, the B2B customer demand for a more digital approach to sales has influenced sales teams to seek out feature-rich mobile applications that improve productivity and sales performance.

In this blog post, I will review 5 ways to improve your B2B sales team’s productivity and sales with a mobile app. I will discuss top features that will not only benefit on-the-go sales reps to produce greater sales results but also boost customer satisfaction. Let’s go.

1. Up-to-date Technology for Easy Mobile App Download

Your sales reps don’t need to have the latest, most expensive technology and gadgets but should be using current smartphones or tablets, which allow for easy download of the newest application software. There is nothing worse than having to waste time figuring out why an app is not downloading or the operating system is out of date, distracting a sales rep from selling. 

Handheld devices help increase reps productivity by offering quick access to information from a mobile app or website, while they’re in the field. Reps can also message clients directly or report back to headquarters without skipping a beat.

2. Powerful Analytic Tools

Mobile sales application analytic tools help increase efficiency during the selling and ordering processing by tracking everything from customer data, order history, pricing, discounts and more. This information helps sales reps better serve customers, when cross-selling or upselling  products during store visits. Sales reps can also easily provide customers with invoices, previous orders or credit memos, on the spot, saving clients time from needing to call the office. Keeping customers happy, leading to increased sales.

3. Real-time Updates

When choosing a mobile sales application, it’s imperative that all information collected updates in real-time. This means every order placed, changes in product inventory levels, sales reps goals or visits are all updated to a cloud-base server and easily accessible by management and central offices instantly. Real-time updates give sales reps the ability to offer customers products based on current inventory or allows management to see if reps are meeting their sales goals, creating efficiency and increasing productivity.

4. Monitor Sales Goals & Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

To ensure sale’s teams are meeting daily, weekly or monthly sales goals, monitoring key performance indicators are essential. By using a mobile application that monitors sales volume, upsell or cross-selling rate, customer engagement, number of store visits etc. gives management the data it needs to ensure reps are performing well and meeting the company’s business objectives. Management can also quickly identify problems with productivity and address them before becoming a major issue, creating greater efficiency for the sales team and company.

5. GPS Route Mapping

More time to sell. This is what sales reps benefit from when using a mobile sales application with a GPS route mapping feature to schedule customers or new leads in their territory. Sales reps no longer need to map out their visits by hand or waste time looking for directions. GPS tracking provides the quickest and most efficient routes right from their smart phone or  handheld device. 

Although sales managers and reps still face many challenges in a recovering post-covid world, it doesn’t mean sales needs to continue to suffer. Reps must be empowered with digital tools, such as a smartphone or tablet that can handle mobile sales applications with all the features listed in this post, to help keep wholesale distributors and manufacturers competitive and financially prosperous.


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5 Ways to Improve Your Sales Team's Productivity and Sales with a Mobile App
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