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How to Sell Your Product to Walmart in 5 Steps

By <span style="font-weight:bold;color:#F63C47; font-style: italic;">Oscar Guerrero</span>

By Oscar Guerrero

Published January 17, 2023

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Manufacturers, Distributors and Wholesalers; is your company’s goal to sell your product to Walmart? For many business owners, the ultimate goal is to get their products on the shelves at big-box stores like Walmart. Walmart’s shelves are regarded as prime retail real estate. Now the question is, what is the secret trick to selling your product to Walmart? 


Are you qualified to sell your product to Walmart?

You don’t have to be a multi-million dollar business to sell your product to Walmart. Walmart works with global brands like Coca-Cola and Procter & Gamble as well as smaller vendors who only want to be in a select few hundred stores. As you apply, you can find details about the requirements for suppliers of various sizes on Walmart’s website.

However, there are things to think about as a small or medium-sized supplier before starting the application process. For instance, only approach Walmart if you already have a solid customer base and a track record of success. Your Walmart customer doesn’t want you to do all of your business with them. The percentage of Walmart sales that go toward your company’s revenue should be around 30%.

Before you pitch your product to Walmart, you have to meet certain requirements:


1. The eligibility of products to be labeled “Made in the USA” is decided by the Federal Trade Commission. Read up on the FTC’s requirements for goods made in America.


2. Products pitched must go through Walmart’s certification process to be certified as American-made.


3. You must adhere to Walmart’s supplier specifications.


Additionally, in order to get your product into Walmart, you must demonstrate that there is a genuine market need for your product. The best way to show what your product can do is to show what it has already done. Big retail chains won’t give up their valuable shelf space for a product unless it demonstrates earning potential. Selling your product in convenience stores is the best way to get it on the market and demonstrate that there is a market for it.


How to Get Your Product Into Walmart

Here’s how to sell your product to Walmart:



Find out Walmart’s product requirements

Walmart has specific specifications for the goods it sells both in-person and online. You must make sure that your product complies with these requirements before you can sell it through Walmart.



Decide the type of supplier you want to be

There are five different ways to do business with Walmart:


1. National Product Supplier (Store and Online)

As a National Product Supplier to Walmart, you would offer your goods both online and in physical stores across the nation. So this might be a wise choice if your product appeals to a wide audience. This is a fantastic way for a private label supplier to begin doing business with Walmart.


2. Local Product Supplier

In line with Walmart’s “Store of the Community” initiative, local product suppliers offer goods that are regionally pertinent to a target area.


3. Direct Imports

Foreign businesses (outside the U.S.) can sell a product to Walmart U.S. as a Direct Imports Supplier.


4. Walmart.com Supplier

A brick-and-mortar store’s entire inventory will also be available online. Suppliers to Walmart.com only market products online.


5. Walmart Marketplace Seller

Third-party sellers can leverage Walmart’s growing e-commerce audience by listing their products on the Walmart Marketplace.



Apply to Be a Walmart Supplier Online

After deciding which type of supplier you are, then click the registration link in the supplier description. To finish your registration, you will be forwarded to the Global Supplier Management (GSM) platform.

Your Dun and Bradstreet (DUNS) Number is required to begin the application process. You can obtain a DUNS Number for no cost if you don’t already have one. For assistance, call 866-815-2749 or visit the website: www.dnb.com.

You must read and accept the Retail Link® agreement in order to complete your registration. Please read this agreement carefully, as it governs your company and is legally binding.

You will get an email to activate your account after registering. To proceed, merely click the “Activate Email” button.

After that, you’ll get an email with your User ID and Password for the Retail Link® Global Supplier Management (GSM) system.

Important Information: Your User ID and Password will expire if you don’t log in within 90 days. So make sure to log in right away! If that happens, you will have to restart the registration process.



Complete the Certification Process

The next step after registering is certification. This procedure aims to accomplish two things:


1. Prove that you comply with the requirements to be a vendor.

2. Give more details about your business and your products.


Walmart buyers will have access to the data you provide here, and they can review your Supplier Profile and get in touch with you if they’re interested in working together.

It’s crucial to offer a thorough, persuasive copy that truly explains the value of your product because this information is added to a pool from which buyers can browse for products rather than being given to a specific person.

Log into Retail Link® using the email address and password you registered with to begin the certification process.

It’s time to talk about your business once the fundamentals, contacts, and financial information are out of the way.

There are several Yes/No questions about your product in the Products section, such as:


  • Do you offer any goods produced in the USA?


  • Do you offer products with royalties or licenses?


  • Do you represent any of the goods you’d like to sell as a broker?


The next section is called “Finally, the good stuff.” Many of these details are optional, but they do improve your chances of being taken into consideration. We strongly advise completing each and every field. You must captivate the buyer’s attention and articulate the benefits of your product, just like you would with your regular customers.

Some tips for certification:


  • Use a descriptive product name.


  • Walmart is seeking the “Best per unit cost for your product to Walmart” in terms of the product cost. Do your homework on AUR and its rivals’ products.


  • You must write a compelling product description with the customer in mind. What does your product offer consumers, and why?



Accept the Supplier Agreement’s terms

You will enter a line where Walmart customers can view and shop for your products after Registration and Certification are both finished. When a buyer in your category likes what they see—which can happen at any time—they will email you to invite you to begin the Acceptance process in GSM. Usually, you will talk about terms at this point.

Remember to be patient when dealing with Walmart. The merchants might not communicate with you for at least four weeks.

Accepting the terms of the Supplier Agreement in GSM is the last step to becoming a Walmart vendor after the waiting period (and if you receive the invitation). It’s a good idea to go over the contract’s terms with your buyer so you know exactly what Walmart expects in terms of payment terms, shipping conditions, sale conditions, product chemical information, return policies, etc.

The adventure starts here! When your buyer says “yes,” it’s time to get started right away.


Tips for Selling Your Product to Walmart

Here are some tips for successfully selling your product to Walmart.


1. Align with Walmart’s Initiatives

Walmart is currently concentrating on a number of important initiatives, including creating American jobs, assisting women and minority-owned businesses, and cutting emissions. Walmart cares about these important initiatives because its customers do.

If your company supports any of these programs, you might have an advantage in getting your goods into Walmart. Your total value offer to Walmart includes the history of your business.

Understanding Walmart’s requirements for suppliers to carry out these initiatives through their supply chain policies is also beneficial).


2. Establish Your Business on Other Platforms

Before approaching Walmart, it’s a good idea for companies that don’t naturally align with one of those initiatives to “prove” their product at other retailers and e-commerce platforms.

Although there are no minimum requirements for years of experience or sales volume, Walmart does not want to be your sole source of revenue. They want to be sure you can support yourself.


3. Apply During Walmart’s Open Call

Every year, Walmart holds the Made in USA Open Call, a chance for current and prospective American-made vendors to speak one-on-one with a Walmart Buyer. This is a fantastic chance to bypass the typical application process and directly communicate your story to a decision-maker.


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Final Thoughts

After successfully selling your product to Walmart, don’t forget to keep track of your sales and orders. Consider using mobile sales software or B2B eCommerce that enables you to track your sales reps, take orders, and check on products sold across multiple platforms in real-time. If you have questions regarding how to sell products to Walmart using a mobile app solution and how you can optimize your sales using software, please contact Orders in Seconds

Selling on Walmart. A Retailer’s Dream:

For businesses looking to tap into a vast and diverse customer base, selling on Walmart can be a game-changer. As one of the world’s largest retail giants, Walmart offers unparalleled access to millions of shoppers. However, the journey from a product idea to the shelves of Walmart requires strategic planning and adherence to their vendor guidelines. Becoming a Walmart vendor means not only meeting the retail giant’s quality standards but also embracing the potential of increased exposure and sales on a global scale.

Unlocking the Path. How to Sell on Walmart:

Navigating the process of becoming a seller on Walmart’s platform involves a series of steps. First, businesses need to apply to become a Walmart Marketplace seller. This includes registering an account, sharing product information, and getting approved by Walmart. Once accepted, sellers can list their products on Walmart’s website, leveraging the platform’s extensive reach. Optimizing product listings, managing inventory, and providing excellent customer service are crucial elements to succeed in the highly competitive Walmart Marketplace.

Becoming a Walmart Vendor. From Aspiration to Reality:

Becoming a vendor for Walmart’s physical stores entails a different process. To secure a spot on Walmart’s shelves, businesses need to prove their products’ value and alignment with the retailer’s customer base. This involves presenting a compelling pitch that outlines how the product meets consumer needs and differentiates from competitors. Demonstrating consistent quality, competitive pricing, and reliable delivery are key factors that Walmart considers when selecting vendors. Establishing a strong business relationship with Walmart’s procurement team is essential for long-term success as a supplier.

Selling Your Product to Walmart. A Journey of Preparation:

To sell products directly to Walmart, suppliers need to initiate a partnership with the retail giant’s procurement department. This involves creating a proposal that highlights the product’s uniqueness, target market, pricing, and the benefits it offers to Walmart customers. If the proposal aligns with Walmart’s requirements, negotiations and contracts follow. Suppliers should be prepared to meet Walmart’s demands in terms of quality, volume, and consistency to ensure a successful collaboration.

Walmart Supplier: A Key Player in the Retail Ecosystem:

Becoming a Walmart supplier carries significant responsibilities. Suppliers play a pivotal role in keeping Walmart’s shelves stocked with a diverse range of products that cater to customer demands. This partnership demands efficient supply chain management, on-time deliveries, and a commitment to meeting Walmart’s stringent standards. Building a solid relationship with Walmart as a supplier can lead to long-term growth opportunities and a prominent position within the retail landscape.

Navigating the Retail Terrain. Walmart Stores and Store Managers:

Within the vast network of Walmart stores, store managers serve as the linchpin that ensures the store’s smooth operation. They are responsible for overseeing daily activities, managing staff, monitoring inventory, and maintaining a welcoming shopping environment. Store managers play a vital role in driving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency, making them a crucial link in Walmart’s commitment to delivering quality retail experiences.

Mitigating Risks. Product Liability Insurance for Walmart Sales:

Selling products through Walmart involves a certain degree of liability. To protect both the supplier and the retailer, having proper product liability insurance is essential. This insurance covers potential damages or losses arising from defective products, ensuring that all parties involved are safeguarded in the event of unforeseen issues. Suppliers who prioritize product liability insurance not only adhere to Walmart’s requirements but also demonstrate a commitment to responsible business practices.

Walmart. A Global Retail Icon with a Local Touch:

While Walmart is a global retail behemoth, its success is rooted in its ability to connect with local communities. The retailer’s presence in various regions provides employment opportunities, access to affordable goods, and community engagement. Walmart’s local stores become hubs where customers can find everything from groceries to electronics, while also supporting the economic vitality of the neighborhoods they serve.

Embracing Opportunities. The World of Retail Stores:

Retail stores, like those operated by Walmart, are more than mere places of transaction. They are spaces where products come to life, where brands interact with consumers, and where shopping experiences are crafted. The layout, design, and ambiance of retail stores contribute to customer engagement and brand loyalty. By understanding consumer preferences and evolving retail trends, stores can transform from mere outlets into immersive destinations that captivate and delight shoppers.

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Walmart Near Me

Wondering “Is there a Walmart near me?” Walmart’s extensive network of stores spans across the country, making it convenient for shoppers to find a location nearby. From urban centers to small towns, you’re likely to discover a Walmart just around the corner, ready to provide you with a wide range of products at competitive prices.

Can You Buy a Walmart?

Buying a Walmart may seem like a peculiar thought, but it’s not impossible. As a publicly traded company, you can invest in Walmart stock to own a piece of the retail giant. While this doesn’t mean you’ll own an entire store, it’s a way to become a part of Walmart’s success story and potentially benefit from its growth.

Walmart Seller Central

For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to expand their reach, Walmart Seller Central offers a platform to sell products on Walmart’s digital marketplace. By joining this program, you can tap into Walmart’s massive customer base and grow your business while leveraging the retail giant’s resources and infrastructure.

How Can I Sell My Product?

If you’re wondering how to sell your product, Walmart provides various avenues, including Walmart Seller Central. Selling through Walmart allows you to showcase your products to a diverse audience and gain exposure to millions of potential customers. With the right strategy, you can effectively market and sell your products on this prominent platform.

Walmart Stock

Investors keen on participating in the retail industry can buy Walmart stock, symbolized as WMT on the stock market. As a publicly traded company, Walmart’s stock offers an opportunity to invest in one of the world’s largest retailers, potentially benefiting from its financial performance and dividends.

Walmart Discount Stores

Walmart’s commitment to offering value and savings is evident in its discount stores. These stores are designed to provide customers with a vast selection of products at affordable prices. Whether you’re shopping for groceries, clothing, or household goods, Walmart discount stores aim to make every dollar count.

Walmart Store

A quintessential shopping destination, Walmart stores are known for their wide aisles and extensive inventory. Shoppers can find everything from groceries to electronics under one roof, making it a one-stop shop for a diverse array of needs. Walmart’s presence is deeply ingrained in communities across the United States.

Walmart Neighborhood Market

Walmart Neighborhood Market stores cater to local communities by offering a more compact and focused shopping experience. These smaller-format stores provide fresh groceries and essential items, making them convenient options for quick, neighborhood shopping trips.


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Is Walmart Open on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and feasts, but for those last-minute holiday needs, many wonder if Walmart is open on Thanksgiving. Retail giant Walmart traditionally operates on Thanksgiving Day, providing customers with an opportunity to snag any essentials they may have overlooked for their holiday celebrations. With extended hours to accommodate the festive rush, Walmart ensures that its doors remain open to cater to the diverse needs of shoppers during this special occasion.

Walmart Hours for Thanksgiving: Plan Your Shopping Spree

As Thanksgiving approaches, understanding Walmart’s hours for Thanksgiving becomes crucial for those planning to embark on a holiday shopping spree. Walmart typically adjusts its operating hours during the Thanksgiving season, offering customers ample time to navigate the aisles and stock up on supplies for their festive gatherings. It’s advisable for shoppers to check the specific store hours in their locality, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience during this joyous time.

Does Walmart Open on Thanksgiving Day?

The question of whether Walmart opens on Thanksgiving Day is a common inquiry among holiday shoppers. The answer is generally yes, as Walmart recognizes the demand for last-minute groceries, decorations, and other essential items. While some businesses may close their doors on Thanksgiving, Walmart embraces the opportunity to assist customers in making their celebrations complete by keeping their stores open on this special day.

Harlan Walmart: Your Local Holiday Shopping Hub

Residents of Harlan and surrounding areas can rely on their local Walmart for holiday shopping needs. The Harlan Walmart, like its counterparts across the country, aims to provide a convenient and accessible shopping experience during Thanksgiving. With a diverse range of products and festive offerings, the Harlan Walmart becomes a hub for locals seeking everything from fresh produce to seasonal decorations to make their Thanksgiving memorable.

Hours for Walmart on Thanksgiving: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Understanding the hours for Walmart on Thanksgiving ensures that customers can plan their visits with convenience in mind. Walmart’s commitment to customer service is evident in its extended holiday hours, allowing shoppers to navigate the store at times that suit their schedules. Whether it’s early morning or late evening, Walmart aims to accommodate the diverse needs of its clientele during the Thanksgiving season.

Beware of Walmart Gift Card Scams: Protecting Your Finances

While Walmart gift cards are a popular choice for holiday gifting, it’s essential to be aware of potential scams. Scammers may attempt to exploit the popularity of Walmart gift cards to deceive individuals into providing personal or financial information. Staying vigilant and informed is crucial to safeguarding against such scams, ensuring that the joy of giving doesn’t turn into a financial burden.

Walmart Gift Cards: A Versatile Gifting Solution

Walmart gift cards offer a versatile solution for those seeking the perfect gift during the holiday season. With a vast selection of products ranging from electronics to household essentials, a Walmart gift card allows recipients the freedom to choose according to their preferences. Whether for a colleague, friend, or family member, a Walmart gift card is a thoughtful and practical way to spread holiday cheer.

Free Walmart Gift Cards: Unwrapping the Joy of Savings

The prospect of free Walmart gift cards adds an extra layer of joy to the holiday season. Various promotions and giveaways may provide opportunities for individuals to acquire free Walmart gift cards, offering a chance to enjoy savings on their festive purchases. Keeping an eye out for these promotions can turn holiday shopping into a delightful and cost-effective experience.

Free Gift Cards: The Appeal of Holiday Savings

The allure of free gift cards extends beyond Walmart, with many businesses and retailers offering promotions during the holiday season. Free gift cards present an opportunity for individuals to save on their purchases, making the joy of giving and receiving even more rewarding. However, it’s essential to approach such offers with caution and ensure that personal or financial information is not compromised in the pursuit of these enticing deals.

How to Partner with Walmart:

Partnering with Walmart can be a game-changer for your business, offering vast exposure and potential growth. To initiate this collaboration, start by visiting the Walmart Partner Portal. Follow the detailed steps outlined on the platform, which includes account creation, product listing, and compliance with Walmart’s standards. Ensure your products meet the criteria and go through the necessary vetting processes. Building a successful partnership with Walmart involves strategic planning, high-quality products, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Products Offered by Walmart Supercenter Hohenwald:

Walmart Supercenter Hohenwald boasts an extensive range of products to cater to diverse customer needs. From groceries and electronics to clothing and household items, this location is a one-stop-shop for all your daily requirements. The supercenter’s commitment to providing quality products at competitive prices makes it a preferred choice for local residents. Explore the aisles for fresh produce, exclusive deals, and a wide selection of goods, ensuring a convenient and comprehensive shopping experience.

Sell iPhone Near Me:

Looking to upgrade your smartphone or sell your current iPhone? Find a reliable option to sell your iPhone near you. Local electronic stores, authorized Apple resellers, and online platforms offer convenient solutions for selling your used iPhone. Ensure your device is in good condition, unlock it from your carrier, and research the market value to get the best deal. Selling your iPhone locally not only provides a quick transaction but also supports sustainable practices by extending the life of electronic devices.

Sell Your iPhone Near Me:

When it’s time to part ways with your old iPhone, numerous options are available to sell it conveniently near you. Explore local electronic buyback programs, online marketplaces, or Apple’s trade-in services. Research the best offers, consider the condition of your device, and wipe all personal data before completing the sale. Selling your iPhone locally contributes to the circular economy, allowing others to benefit from affordable, pre-owned devices while reducing electronic waste.

Seller Walmart Login:

Accessing the Walmart Seller Center is a crucial step for businesses looking to expand their reach through Walmart’s online marketplace. The Seller Walmart Login is your gateway to managing product listings, inventory, and order fulfillment. Ensure a smooth experience by using your seller credentials to log in, and take advantage of the robust tools and resources available to optimize your Walmart marketplace presence.


WallySmarter, an innovative tool in the Walmart ecosystem, is designed to enhance the efficiency and performance of marketplace sellers. This intelligent platform offers data analytics, inventory management, and strategic insights to empower sellers in making informed decisions. WallySmarter is a valuable resource for those looking to maximize their presence on the Walmart marketplace and elevate their e-commerce strategies.

Walmart Customer Service Chat:

Walmart’s commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified through its responsive Customer Service Chat. Accessible through the official website, the chat feature allows customers to quickly resolve queries, seek product information, and address concerns. The live chat support enhances the overall shopping experience, providing real-time assistance and fostering a customer-centric approach.

Walmart Marketplace Fees:

For businesses entering the Walmart marketplace, understanding the fee structure is crucial. Walmart Marketplace fees encompass subscription fees, referral fees, and closing fees. Familiarize yourself with these costs to effectively manage your budget and optimize your pricing strategy. Thoroughly review the fee details on the Walmart Seller Center to make informed decisions that align with your business goals.

Referral Fees:

Referral fees play a significant role in the cost structure for online marketplace sellers. These fees are incurred when a sale is made through a referral from the platform. For Walmart Marketplace, understanding and managing referral fees are essential for maintaining profitability. Sellers should factor these fees into their product pricing strategy while delivering value that justifies the cost for customers.

Walmart Referral Fee:

The Walmart referral fee is a percentage of the item’s sale price that sellers pay to Walmart when a product is sold through the platform. This fee contributes to the maintenance and growth of the marketplace. Sellers should carefully consider this cost when setting product prices, ensuring competitiveness in the market while accounting for the referral fee to maintain a sustainable and profitable business.

Walmart Marketplace Sales Tax:

Navigating sales tax on the Walmart Marketplace is critical for compliance with tax regulations. Walmart collects and remits sales tax on behalf of sellers in certain states. However, it’s crucial for sellers to be aware of the specific tax implications related to their business and the regions they operate in. Staying informed and managing sales tax appropriately is essential for a seamless Walmart Marketplace experience.

Walmart Marketplace Selling Fees:

Walmart Marketplace selling fees encompass various costs associated with listing and selling products on the platform. These fees include subscription fees, referral fees, and any additional charges specific to certain product categories. Sellers should carefully review the fee structure on the Walmart Seller Center to make informed decisions that align with their business strategy and financial goals.


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