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Maximize the efforts of your field sales team

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Maximize the efforts of your field sales team

Maintaining a field sales team can weigh heavy on your payroll. So, making sure you get the most out of your investment is a vital part of any successful business.



What is the defining factor of field sales?

Easy: it’s the human element. Having eyes on your potential client allows for otherwise impossible interactions. Let’s look at some tips that every field sales agent should practice.


Personalize the pitch to the needs of the client. Having an inside look during an in-person meeting cannot be beat. Use it to your advantage, focusing on what most applies to your client’s needs.


Demonstrate how your product will work in its environment. Being able to bring your product right into the clients’ space can better help visualize the sales. (On a side note, visualization is another key aspect in field sales. We’ll talk about it in a future post.)


Connect with the prospect. A good field sales agent will be able to sympathize; a great agent will empathize. This is especially true when there’s something that’s bothering our client (i.e. a shipment error, delays, etc.). Being there in the flesh lets the sale go beyond just a sales pitch.

Well, there you have it. Three factors to help your field sales team maximize your resources.


If you would like a personalized session to see how OIS can help you take your field sales efforts to the next level, click here.