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Top Order Entry Software of 2024: Streamline Your Sales Process

By <span style="font-weight:bold;color:#F63C47; font-style: italic;">Oscar Guerrero</span>

By Oscar Guerrero

Published March 15, 2024

Are you overwhelmed by manual order processing and errors? Order entry software is the solution that can streamline your business’s sales journey from quote to cash. This guide compares the leading order entry applications of 2024, breaking down the features that matter for efficiency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction – without the fluff.

Key Takeaways

Exploring Order Entry Software: Key Features and Benefits

Illustration of order entry software

In the bustling world of business today, order entry software stands as a key component for achieving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Such software offers the following benefits:

The best order entry software offers all of these features and more.

The advantages of adopting these systems are significant. Particularly, cloud-based order management systems have ushered in a revolution in the industry with leading automation rates, providing businesses a performance boost and the flexibility to adapt to fluctuating sales trends. From processing sales orders to integrating with accounting software and inventory tracking, the right order entry software can unlock strategic advantages that go beyond the basics of order fulfillment.

As evident from the benefits highlighted above, investing in top-notch order entry software is pivotal for driving sales growth and enhancing operational efficiency. If you’re eager to explore further insights and unlock the full potential of your sales process, don’t hesitate to download our eBook “Double Your Sales Orders in 5 Steps” below.

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Commercial Document Process Automation

Envision a world free from the burdens of manual data entry. This is the potential offered by commercial document process automation within order entry systems. With intelligent template creation and automated batch document generation, these systems dramatically reduce the time spent on administrative tasks. The integration of e-signature functionalities and varied document output options simplifies the sales process, allowing for seamless transactions from anywhere, at any time.

Moreover, technologies such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capture data from various sources, mitigating manual errors and enhancing efficiency. The digitization of documents offers several benefits, including:

Sales Orders Management

Effective management of sales orders forms the backbone of a prosperous sales process. Order entry software, by handling inventory and supervising customer orders through a unified interface, enables sales representatives to concentrate on the crucial aspect—customer satisfaction. The centralized data not only provides clarity over the sales cycle but also offers actionable insights into sales performance, driving improvements in the order management process.

Omnichannel order management capabilities mean businesses can effortlessly manage orders across various sales channels, from e-commerce platforms to brick-and-mortar stores, ensuring that every customer transaction is handled with precision. This integration eradicates the silos between sales reps and inventory management, enabling a unified approach that resonates with excellence in customer service.

Inventory Management Integration

Businesses attain an unprecedented level of efficiency in warehouse management and order fulfillment processes when an inventory management solution is integrated into order entry systems. Real-time updates from a cloud-based inventory system ensure that inventory levels are meticulously tracked and adjusted, thereby preventing overstocking and stockouts. This powerful cloud-based inventory oversight is instrumental in fulfilling orders accurately and expeditiously, keeping customers content and coming back for more.

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Strategic inventory management is not just about maintaining optimal stock levels; it’s also about unlocking strategic insights to manage inventory in response to consumer behavior and market trends. Businesses that harness the full potential of their order entry system can:

The Role of Order Entry in Customer Relations

Visual representation of streamlined order fulfillment

Order entry software’s influence is not limited to operational efficiency; it also serves as a foundation for fostering customer relationships. Centralized customer data within order management systems reduces the risk of overwhelming staff and eliminates data silos, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty. When customers experience a streamlined order entry process, their satisfaction levels soar, encouraging repeat business and fortifying the customer-business bond.

Moreover, the B2B e-commerce customer experience is elevated through improved tracking capabilities and personalized updates, courtesy of order entry systems. By ensuring that customer orders are fulfilled accurately and promptly, businesses not only meet but exceed customer expectations, cementing their reputation as reliable and customer-centric entities in a competitive market.

Integrating Order Entry Systems with Business Operations

Maximizing the capabilities of order entry software entails its flawless integration into your business operations. Such integration can:

This can lead to increased profitability and overall efficiency in your business processes.

Moreover, automated solutions offer the following benefits:

Accounting and Financial Software Synergy

The integration of order entry software with accounting systems generates a synergy that:

With the right order entry software, financial management becomes a streamlined affair.

The result is a robust financial backbone for the business, one that supports and enhances the overall strategic value of the organization. By integrating an accounting system, businesses can navigate the complexities of accounting with ease, making informed decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

CRM and Sales Channel Coordination

The harmonization of order entry systems and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms is crucial in managing customer relationships and enhancing sales channel performance. By automating the creation of sales-related documents, such as contracts and proposals, and populating them with customer data, sales reps can focus on building relationships rather than paperwork. Real-time processing of data across multiple channels offers the following benefits:

This integration ensures that every customer touchpoint is an opportunity to enhance the relationship, creating a seamless experience that resonates with the customer’s needs and preferences. The result is an empowered sales force, equipped with the tools to deliver exceptional service and drive business growth.

ERP System Collaboration

The integration of order entry software with an ERP system offers several benefits, including:

By harnessing the capabilities of both order entry and ERP systems, businesses can optimize manufacturing processes, ensuring timely product availability for fulfillment. This integrated approach not only streamlines operations but also simplifies training for new functionalities, as employees are already acquainted with the core ERP platform.

Navigating the Order Management Landscape

Finding your way through the order management landscape involves identifying the perfect fit for your business amidst a plethora of software options, pricing models, and deployment formats. With flexible pricing options ranging from free versions to monthly subscriptions, businesses can choose an order management system that aligns with their budgetary constraints. Deployment formats such as cloud, SaaS, and on-premise cater to various IT infrastructures, ensuring that businesses can adopt the order management software that best suits their operational needs.

Customization is key, and the best order entry software provides the capability to tailor reports to the unique needs of the business, offering insightful data to inform strategic decisions. As businesses chart their course through the order management landscape, they can rest assured that there is a solution tailored to their specific requirements, ready to enhance their operational efficiency and competitive edge.

Illustration of automated inventory management

Order entry software plays a crucial role in enhancing the fulfillment process, spanning from inventory management to the complexities of drop shipping. By automating inventory tracking and management, these systems ensure that stock levels are synchronized in real-time across all sales channels, preventing the pitfalls of overstocking and understocking. The result is an order fulfillment process that is not only accurate but also responsive to the dynamic needs of the market.

Furthermore, automated systems provide real-time tracking updates that enhance the quality control of the fulfillment process and facilitate efficient returns management. In the world of drop shipping, where retailers rely on suppliers for fulfillment, shipping management software, including order entry software, becomes the linchpin that ensures customer satisfaction and maintains the retailer’s reputation for reliability.

E-commerce platform integration with order entry software

In this digital era, augmenting e-commerce capabilities with order entry software equates to staying on top of the game and fulfilling customer expectations for convenience and speed. Integration with popular e-commerce platforms and third-party software ensures that online businesses operate seamlessly, providing customers with a variety of fulfillment options around the clock. The agility to adapt to market trends and customer behavior is a strategic advantage that order entry systems offer, enabling e-commerce businesses to:

Data analytics capabilities embedded within these systems empower businesses to make informed decisions regarding product range expansion and diversification, supporting strategic growth in the digital marketplace. With the insights gleaned from order entry software, e-commerce entities can tailor their offerings to the ever-evolving preferences of their customers, ensuring that they not only survive but thrive in the online ecosystem.

Real-World Applications: How Companies Leverage Order Entry Software

Order entry software finds varied and impactful applications in real-world scenarios, showcasing the software’s ability to simplify purchasing processes, enrich customer experiences, and boost efficiency. From WeWork optimizing invoice automation to Standard Wellness saving valuable hours through streamlined purchasing, companies across various industries are reaping the benefits of order entry systems. Lark Hotels and Lucy Therapeutics are prime examples of entities that have harnessed the power of these systems to refine procurement strategies and increase team efficiency, respectively.

Moreover, businesses like MINISO and BLANKSPACES have integrated order entry software into their operations, achieving better budget control and a smoother purchasing process, which has translated into operational success and expansion. By transitioning from traditional methods to sophisticated order entry systems, companies like ZeroCater have simplified their purchasing and payment operations, highlighting the transformative potential of the right software solution.

Selecting the Right Order Entry Software for Your Business

Choosing the appropriate order entry software for your business is a decision that requires a thoughtful evaluation of your specific needs, the automation features provided, total cost of ownership, data security, and the reputation of the provider. The ideal software should reduce manual tasks, improve accuracy, and have a user-friendly interface that simplifies staff training. When evaluating costs, it’s important to account for all expenses, including setup, licensing, and maintenance, ensuring that the total cost of ownership aligns with your budget.

Data security is paramount, and the chosen software must adhere to stringent regulations to protect sensitive customer and business data. Assessing the reputation of providers through research and customer feedback can guide you to a reliable solution that offers quality customer support and service agreements.

A meticulous implementation strategy, complete with staff training and integration with existing systems, will ensure that your new order entry software is a catalyst for business growth and efficiency.

Future of Order Entry: Market Trends and Innovations

Future trends in order entry software

Market trends and innovations, which pledge to transform business operations, are molding the future of order entry software. The anticipated growth of cloud-based manufacturing, which includes order management systems, is a testament to the increasing reliance on these technologies. Innovations such as AI and ML integration for demand forecasting, IoT for tracking, and advanced robotics for warehouse automation are poised to elevate order entry systems to new heights of efficiency and insightfulness.

These advancements not only streamline the order entry process but also open up possibilities for unprecedented levels of customization and responsiveness to consumer demands. As businesses prepare for a future where technology plays an ever-increasing role in operations, embracing these innovations will be critical for maintaining a competitive edge and delivering exceptional customer experiences.


As we reach the conclusion of our journey through the world of order entry software, it’s clear that the right system can be a game-changer for businesses looking to streamline their sales process and enhance customer relationships. From automating the mundane to optimizing inventory and integrating with key business systems, order entry software is the linchpin that holds together the complex machinery of modern commerce. It’s a strategic investment that promises not only operational efficiency but also a platform for growth and innovation in an ever-evolving market.

Frequently Asked Questions

An example of order entry is when a customer browses an online bookstore, selects a book, and provides shipping and payment details during the checkout process. This illustrates the order entry process in a simple and relatable way.

The best order management software includes Kibo Order Management, Blue Yonder, Fluent Commerce, IBM Sterling Order Management, Aptos, Körber, and Brightpearl, among others. These are highly recommended solutions for businesses looking for effective OMS.

What is order entry software?

Order entry software goes beyond just providing an outlet for customers to place orders, as it also automates the fulfillment process and enables effective management of customer and business data, automating order processing.

The primary benefits of using order entry software include automation of the order management process, real-time order tracking, improved efficiency, reduced manual errors, and enhanced customer satisfaction. Experience the advantages of streamlined operations and increased customer satisfaction with order entry software.

Yes, order entry software can be integrated with your existing CRM and ERP systems to ensure data consistency, real-time visibility, and a cohesive business operation.

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B2B Wholesale Distributors 5 Step Guide to Doubling Your Sales Orders

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